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  1. Foundation crack - what do you do?

    Prepper, The cost of CrackX varies with the size and type of crack. They filled all my cracks from the inside of the basement. First they smeared a epoxy along the length of each crack and placed plastic nipples into the crack along the length of the crack. This outer epoxy dries very hard to...
  2. Foundation crack - what do you do?

    Give these guys a call. They did a fantastic job for me with our house. CRACK-X- Foundation Cracks Repair Concrete Repair Basement Waterproofing Services Epoxy Floors Masonry Restoration Anything less will not work properly. Do it right so you will not have to do it again.
  3. Here is how long it took for Mass non res permit just received

    You said: "we discussed why I wanted an unrestricted permit." What answer did you provide, please be detailed and specific, because whatever you said worked.
  4. Best trap in nh

    Country Pond and Peterborough are indeed two great club suggestions for shooting trap. I like them both.
  5. Game Dinners

    Thanks for the info...I will look it up.
  6. Game Dinners

    I noticed that Marlboro Fish and Game as well as Townsend Rod and Gun Clubs have "Game Dinners" scheduled in the coming months. Does any one have any experience with the dinner that Townsend holds? Are there any other clubs that are having Game Dinners" scheduled that are open to non-members...
  7. 2017 Fishing/Ice Fishing Thread

    Thanks again for the input.
  8. 2017 Fishing/Ice Fishing Thread

    Thanks for the reply. Are the pollution levels bad all over Mass or are there just certain areas to avoid? Another way to ask is: Are there any non-polluted lakes or pond where a person would be safe eating the bass caught? I have never tasted a large mouth bass. My friends from down South say...
  9. 2017 Fishing/Ice Fishing Thread

    Here is a newbie question: Does anybody eat the large mouth bass they catch in Massachusetts ponds or lakes? If not, why not?
  10. ICE CREAM!..What's best brand/shop/stand/etc?

    Gary's in Chelmsford.
  11. Made 250LBS of sausage today

    If you need any help eating your creation I could be of assistance.......
  12. Lost my baby girl on Sunday

    My sincerest condolences. Thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
  13. Grocery store foods you've eaten forever

    I love Scrapple! Had it a lot when I was a kid in Maryland. Hannaford carries Jones Farm Brand in the frozen section.
  14. Where can you buy....

    MAC1911, Great idea and so simply....thanks.
  15. Where can you buy....

    Shotgun pattern targets/sheets within 30-40 miles of Lowell, MA? Riley's, Shooter's outpost? somewhere else?
  16. ATA Shoot at Royalston April 24 - Question

    Thanks, I found out it is a 100 16 yard target event.
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