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  1. PSA: iS It pRe HEaLY?

    Once the sole remaining charge in my customers case is done with the appeal process, I will write something up with my attorney so everyone can understand what happened.
  2. Fixed Magazine AR law compliance

    My name is Joe, and I own/operate JC Arms. I wanted to make a few comments and address some of the concerns. It was a district court case, not an SJ case. So while there isnt case law, there is what we call persuasive authority as a result of my case. it should also be noted case law is decided...
  3. Laser Stippling

    In Rockland, here is a build and laser stipple we just completed. or PM me here. Our backlog of jobs is about 4 weeks though.
  4. Weymouth Sports CLub threatening to have LTCs revoked for people shooting right now

    I know Dick Striano too, and he is complete fudd. He cuts corners, his training is not within the curriculum, and he treats the club like its his personal range and everyone else is just his guest. I am ashamed that the club lets him do what he does, thats why I left. I wasn’t surprised when I...
  5. Receiver in Karma

    For those who dont browse the karma section often, I am giving away 1 JC Arms FMG receiver. Head over and get in on it...
  6. Laser Engraving

    Laser engraving now available, visit us at
  7. This guy is a boss, only using 10 round mags

    What I found interesting is that they did not even appeal the AWB decision on my case. That indicates to me that they know the notice is just a scare tactic.
  8. AR pistol with fixed Mag? (In mass )

    Feel free to call and bring it in, I will do what I can to remedy it.
  9. Identifying Pre Ban Glock Scherer Magazines

    I used to have a copy of an email from Scherer years said if the metal underlining was black, it is definitely preban. If the metal lining is silver, most likely post ban. Hope that helps...
  10. AR pistol with fixed Mag? (In mass )

    Maybe in the future, as of right now we are overwhelmed with making the standard caliber platform. We only have one CNC machine unfortunately.
  11. AR pistol with fixed Mag? (In mass )

    I see a JC Arms lower there...thanks for the business!
  12. 80% lower

    The burden of proof would be fairly easy, since you have to report a firearm within 7 days...
  13. AWB violation overturned in Dedham

    Thanks. It was interesting, and the CMR definitions definitly came into play here. To them, a fixed magazine means permanently attached (welded, fused, etc). If you read CMR 501 7.00, you will see the definition of “capable of accepting a large capacity feeding device” allows the magazine to be...
  14. AWB violation overturned in Dedham

    DSI....yeah they make the 2nd best fixed mag stuff around. Also, doubtful that the owner of DSI would have stepped up and paid the defense attorney bill, taken vacation days to attend the hearings, and provided testimony on behalf of the defendant.
  15. AWB violation overturned in Dedham

    Thanks Don, I appreciate that.
  16. Fixed Mag AR Assault Weapon Charge

    Establishing that the firearm doesnt even meet the criteria for an AWB charge at the DC level is have to start somewhere. No PC ever existed for the charge, it should have been "NO PC'd" at the initial arraignment.
  17. AWB violation overturned in Dedham was in Dedham District Court, Dedham was not the PD who made the charge. Also, I am the manufacturer of JC Arms receivers...I provided testimony refuting the charge. Attorney Couture did an outstanding job. Also, I should mention the legal defense for the defendant was paid BY ME, THE...
  18. Fixed Mag AR Assault Weapon Charge

    I am posting this as the manufacturer of these firearms, we can finally put this topic to rest.... Posted on the facebook group, Guns of Mass : Log In or Sign Up to View Today we claimed victory in Dedham District Court. Not too long ago, an individual was charged with an Assault Weapons...
  19. Non resident Florida ccw Fingerprinting

    Yes they can. I put a drill bit through my middle finger once, and every time I get prints done and see it, I a reminded of that stupid accident.
  20. AR pistol @ night (MA)?

    For a post 94 AR receiver to be built into anything with AWB features, it has to be originally manufactured as a fixed magazine, which then by statute removes it from the AWB category. IE....can not modify it after the fact. This is according to Healey's enforcement notice. It specifically...
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