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  1. Article: Chief in crosshairs of firearms coalition

    I believe, once again, Krajenka has misinterpreted his role as a LEO. Looks like he misinterpreted state law, the same way he misinterpreted the judge's order to "account for" a bunch of handguns. I'm afraid this loose canon is his own worst enemy. [thinking]
  2. Whats in your range bag?

    Way too much stuff. But, oddly enough - never enough ammo.
  3. Armed homeowner turns tables on burglars

    Ah - that unmistakable sound of a shotgun loading that first shell. Turns men into mice within nanoseconds.

    PLEASE REMOVE ! [grin]
  5. Officer shoots, kills hostage taker

    Sorry to hear about anyone's death, but it sounds like the LEO did what he needed to do. A low tolerance for violent crime is a good thing.
  6. Article: New Article

    Cluster-bomb! If the firearms were legally transferred to MFL - they would technically have to run a BC/4473 on the guy anyway before returning possesion to the owner. If he's under a DV case - they couldn't return it. The judge simply wanted them "accounted for" - not seized. IMHO Jim...
  7. Grilled by 6th graders.

    Sorry if this has been done - this made me laugh! [laugh] Thank GOD these guys have guns!
  8. Article: Rep. Carol Shea-Porter says

    Crazy. Disgusting. A disgrace to New Hampshire. Forget the letters - I've tried and the responses are comatose. She's gone - trust me.
  9. jpoulette

    [IMG] Coming to a town near you. [IMG] Available in stores everywhere! [IMG]

    [IMG] Coming to a town near you. [IMG] Available in stores everywhere! [IMG]
  10. Rep. Carol Shea-Porter says

    Absolutely disgusting. A total disgrace to New Hampshire.
  11. North Korea Developments

    I think this wacko is just looking for a reason to lob rockets over the border. Reminds me of a rabit raccoon - wandering around in a circle, growling at what ever crosses his path.
  12. Shooting with Grandpa

    Nice post!! Grandfathers generally have the coolest stuff. My grand-dad had one of the early production Winchester Carbine M94's and I loved shooting that thing - it would hit a bottle cap at 50 yards.
  13. Email response from Senator Kennedy

    Pathetic. Kennedy's legacy will always be in that 1967 Oldsmobile.
  14. Distinguished Revolver Scoring help!

    Mo Info Jose/Brian - Thanks for the info and clarification, that's kind of what I thought. I'm assuming that if the total non-DR competitor count is low, say 4 instaed of 45, that the "top guy" doesn't necessarily get all of the points. Regardless, it looks like accumulating enought points...
  15. Distinguished Revolver Scoring help!

    LEO for DR? In going over the NRA rules several times - I see no requirement for LEO to be issued an NRA-DR. My only other questions is whether or not the match has to be specifically identified as "DE" - or can you shoot the national match course in any NRA sanctioned event and count that...
  16. Distinguished Revolver Scoring help!

    Good question - I'm still puzzled by this whole jig-saw arrangement of qualifications. This is the NRA page where I found the requirements listed above:
  17. NRA's Marksmanship Qualification Program

    NRA DE I completed the NRA-DE in "Handgun .45ACP" and I can tell you that, while it was certainly a lot of fun, it is nothing compared to the NRA Bullseye DE in terms of skill. I am unfamiliar with many of the other types of qualification programs referred to here, but I think it'll be a LONG...
  18. Distinguished Revolver Scoring help!

    Sorry, I'm usually not this thick - but I need a better explanation of how the points are awarded in Distinquished Revolver scoring. "Awards - The NRA Distinguished Revolver Badge will be awarded to those competitors who earn a total of 30 points through unassisted individual competition in...
  19. Advice Needed.....

    Sounds like the tip of the iceberg here. If it's just the firearms, then fine - but if it starts bleeding over into other things that I would be concerned about the long term.
  20. Senate Backs Allowing Loaded Guns in National Parks

    Both Gregg and Shaheen voted yes. M1911 is correct, there could be a sniper or two hiding in conference committee.
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