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  1. What do you consider a good group at about 30'?

    30 feet? Slow fire a ragged hole. Defensive fire a grapefruit.
  2. TSA catches New Jersey passenger with assault rifle 'artfully concealed' behind suitcase lining

    Whoever is on the hook on this is in Dutch in NJ. Lame laws, but they are going to take the pipe.
  3. Working For A Living In The Days Of CoronaV

    I’ve been working my nuts off since this Corona thing hit. Probably will get less $ too. Fun.
  4. Subway is banning the open carry of firearms in restaurants across the nation

    FOAD Subway I already won’t eat it because it’s shit.
  5. The Air Force is replacing its aging Beretta M9 pistol lineup with 125,000 Sig Sauer M18s.

    I think the Beretta 92/M9 is a good gun but they do wear out in a setting like the military where they go through many hands over many years. Aluminum frames. Those frames will wear out with a steel slide riding on aluminum. How long were the 1911’s in service? They didn’t make any post WW2...
  6. .357 Magnum Carbine Recommendations

    Marlin, Henry, Winchester make lever guns that all wound suit the bill. I think the Winchester’s are the best looking but I think a case can be made for the Henry. Ruger makes a bolt action in .357 which I find interesting.
  7. Looking for 24 guys with 1K to buy a range

    Likely to have trouble with neighbors?
  8. Civil War arms

    You can’t get an AR all that easily in MA but that’s the right answer. A Mini 14 does everything an AR can do and you can get it in MA easily. So a Mini 14 is a pretty decent alternative.
  9. Ak gunsmith suggestions

    It’s still canted but it shoots fine.
  10. Ak gunsmith suggestions

    it was canted and I had a sight pusher but it wouldnt move the post. So I put the pusher on and smashed it on a bench at the range. Took about 20 hits but the thing is dead nuts on now.
  11. Ak gunsmith suggestions

    I beat my WASR on a bench to sight it in. Not kidding!
  12. Enfield muzzle

    I’ve seen some really hideous bores that could still shoot. And some fairly decent looking ones that didn’t.
  13. Enfield muzzle

    I’d say good chance that affects accuracy but only one way to find out.
  14. Ruger Mk II Stubby

    That’s frickin’ brilliant
  15. Smoothest 9mm

    The Beretta 92 is a good choice. 9mm 1911’s aren’t high maintenance.
  16. Spring Turkey 2020

    Weather looks like doo doo
  17. MA shut down well into June???.....Wife’s work says so.

    This is my point. We’re in destination F’d. They won’t tolerate being quarantined again until grandma and grandpa or mom and dad die in a field hospital with essentially no effort to save them because every ICU bed is taken. Pick your poison.
  18. MA shut down well into June???.....Wife’s work says so.

    Expect some gradual easing in June that will run until fall. I don’t think the kids will be in school in fall. Virus probably will slow a bit in warm weather. In fall it comes back with a vengeance. Quarantine again. We’re stuck in a big catch 22. Quarantine is killing the economy, open...
  19. Where's the Squirels, Chipmunks and other Small Critters

    Loaded up in Groton, working on changing that.
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