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  1. Dogs Now Being Tested For Illegal Drug Use

    Wow before i opened up link i immediately thought pittbull
  2. Bought my first press today

    I was thinking about picking 1 of these up but decided to just get a lee single stage to go with my dillon
  3. Woodcock rd

    I tryed to renew for a while but he they said he only did it on Tuesdays or something like that... i liked how i didnt have to bring a stand since you can rent 1 which is awesome. And them closeing early sucked. Maybe ill give it another try. Have they cleaned up? I know at the fireing line you...
  4. Woodcock rd

    I wouldnt drive that far for this range...i joined it for years ago and it was ok... but i wont be paying them again... its hard to join since they only do it once a week. And then there is the requirement to write down what your shooting the cal and the ammo.... its a pita if you bring a few...
  5. I just discovered a fantastic taste combination!

    Oh ok i see now.
  6. wtf kevin lol

  7. I just discovered a fantastic taste combination!

    That chowDA sounds goood....but you bring your own ingredients to a bar?
  8. Do You Watch Online Videos with Ads ?

    I watch a lot of youtube vids so the longest ad is only like 30 secs to 1 min
  9. .45 Shield

    I like my 9mm but this is now on my must have list
  10. Anyone See The Fireball Tuesday Morning ???

    Thats a pretty cool sight
  11. Happy birthday to me

    Happy birthday.
  12. Bad NYC cop bullets?

    Im buying a Carhartt jacket this winter [rofl]
  13. "How to become Gluten Intolerant"

    I went to a burger place in sandwhich and they only had 3 buns. Pretzel, brioche, and gluten free.... i picked the gluten free and man was it disgusting. I had to go home and eat my daily diet of gluten for the day lol
  14. Just started reloading!

    Where are you located? I know of a few great shops
  15. Press Questions

    My 1st press was a dillion xl650. I first got use to it by loading a few hundred rounds as if it was a single stage just to get use to it. But after that i started going slow with all stages at once so that way i didnt screw up. But now im comfortable with it. It can load most rifle cartridges...
  16. Etiquette & Transportation Question

    I would look up range rules and then i would bring it up to a higher club member. Even in meetings you see they all are carrying....smh
  17. New Bedford gone GREEN...for the time being..

    Im guesssing he is the issuing officer. He is the one signed on the back of my ltc
  18. Fixed front site vs Flip Up

    I prefer flip up sights but thats me
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