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  1. FNAR 20-rd magazines (2)

    $70 each Never used These are NOT pre-ban magazines. Local laws must allow you to have 20-rd magazines made after 9/13/1994.
  2. Important Meeting re: H.2158 GOAL's bill for Licensing Equality

    Wish I could be there!! Also wish I didn't live in Boston -_- hope it all goes well!!
  3. The Movies Thread (upcoming, review...)

    Can't wait to see this. Anything with Chris Pratt...AMIRITE?? [smile]
  4. NRA Instructor Course Basic Pistol - resources to prep?

    I'll be taking the GOAL course this month as well. Thanks for all the info guys! I'm trying to prepare as best as I can beforehand and there's a lot of helpful tips on here. I really enjoy teaching new shooters. Good luck, anon2424!
  5. License upgrade question

    Good point. Guess I'll leave that part out! Thanks for the advice, all
  6. License upgrade question

    Should I give it a go? I work at a bank and am often in charge of opening/closing. That should count! ;)
  7. License upgrade question

    This is actually something I'm currently trying to do. I live in Boston and have had my license for about a year now. I desperately want the restriction removed so I can carry. Has anyone ever had success getting their restriction removed in Boston? When I went to the station for my interview...
  8. LC9S Pro

    Does anyone know where I can try out the LC9S Pro before buying? MFS doesn't have any available.
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