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  1. CCW holder shoots and kills attacker who stabbed 2 people in New Haven

    Man shot, killed after stabbing 2 people in New Haven
  2. 458 SOCOM Bolt Action Build

    I had a couple requests for a build thread on this monster, so you guys get to experience my joys and sorrows, my highs and lows, my manic episodes and crippling depression that was this build in delayed form. Blame the guy who asked. I was gonna suffer in silence. Before anyone asks, this...
  3. Miniseries about Waco on Paramount

    Anyone else catch this last night? Supposed to be part 1 of 6. It didn't seem too terrible. They definitely left out a lot from Ruby Ridge but still made the FBI out to be a bunch of incompetent twats out for blood.
  4. Ed Lee, Mayor of San Francisco, Will Not Be Down For Breakfast Anyone else just oh so broken up about this, given his sanctuary city policies and the recent verdict on the Kate Steinle shooting case?
  5. Georgia Gun Shop Owner Kills Robber

    Looks like we've got a Darwin Award here. "Let's rob a gun shop while it's open!" [rolleyes] The video is pretty epic.
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