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  1. s&w m&p 9mm or Ruger sr9

    9mm polymer shootout. This might be interesting to some. It was a test a while ago between the Glock 17, S&W M&P, H&K P2000 and the Springfield Armory XD. I have 2 M&P's are they have both been perfect so far after about 500 rounds...
  2. C17 Big Toys - Pic Heavy

    Here is a short video with a similar plane flying.
  3. Mass. Camping

    Here's one for you since you mentioned NH.
  4. TV shows that show your age... who remembers these...

    Adam 12 I saw it mentioned so I'll add a video. Emergency
  5. ICE!

    Here are a few pictures from Derry NH. This my backyard and my 2 boys. I drive for Oakhurst Dairy and drove all around upper VT and NH on Saturday, the devastation up there was astounding.
  6. For the Mason's on the site who may have known him.

    This messge was sent to me from my Father re: the Wor Douglas Wales.
  7. The NES Cat Mega Thread

    Mooch the cat watching over the M&P whilst I steal a cat nap.
  8. GOAL has only..........

    Sorry, double post, long work day.
  9. GOAL has only..........

    That doesn't surprise me seeing as only about 5% of American gun owners are in the NRA. See my two signature lines below. The apathy of the majority of gun owners is astounding. Most have never done one thing to protect their rights. Something as simple as monitoring the local newspapers...
  10. Gun owner protecting himself.

    Sent to me from my Brother Marc Here is a video of a guy who was interviewed by the press just after he was forced to defend himself and his wife from two home invaders. There are quite a few lessons that we can take from this video. If you do not have a gun ready to go, it...
  11. Traffic law question

    That happens to me quite a bit. I'm riding a dual purpose Suzuki that just doesn't have much metal down below. I just wait until nobody is coming, especially a police crusier. There is a light near 'Dairy Queen' in Abington at Rt 123 and 58 that I went through twice a day because of that...
  12. 1 in the chamber?

    Always, one in the chamber while carrying.
  13. Pro-gun sites?

    Found this shirt and thought you guys in MA would appreciate it. I lived there for 25 years. It's from a site called 'The Right Things.' I've shopped the Life, Liberty ETC. several times without any issues.
  14. Anyone here do the Metal Detecting?

    The beach is a great place. I did a lot of metal detecting with my parents when I was younger. We were at a campground in ME in the late 80's and my fathers metal detector went off. My mother began to dig a bit and after a minute or two she came up with a diamond ring. They immediately...
  15. Posted yesterday on Glock talk, Carry Issues. Well I was arrested for open carrying today in Portland, ME. I was walking a path around the waterfront known as "Back Bay" with my USP Compact in plain sight on my hip. A police officer drove by with lights and sirens, turned around...
  16. tracking something big on the south shore-

    trophygrl, where in EB is this? I lived there on Bridge street in EB for 35 years. On a somewhat related note,*:IE-SearchBox&rlz=1I7DKUS&sa=X&oi=spell&resnum=0&ct=result&cd=1&q=bridgewater+triangle&spell
  17. Time to join NRA if you're not a member

    Don't forget too that anyone wishing to stop the flow of mail from the NRA which can be substantial, can do this below. I frequent a few other gun forum's and this issue comes up all the time.
  18. Microstamping Poll. Need your help

    Done, 97% say 'no' as of 6:54 PM Saturday night, 3964 have voted.
  19. If the S&W M&P handguns are so good, why are so many up for sale?

    It's been mentioned before, I have shot both the M&P Mass version and own the free state version, there is big difference. I agree with the post about not being able to miss with the free state version. I liked the M&P's so much I bought 2. No it's not a S&W revolver trigger, it wasn't...
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