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  1. Range in Medfield/not WGC

    I have been walking my dog at the former state hospital in Medfield and have noticed that there is an awful lot of shooting going on at this range on RT 27. I don't know if it's just for LEO or a privately owned range. Anyone know about this? Medfield Massachusetts 02052 42.207073, -71.342711
  2. The great equalizer.

    I love a story with a happy ending. The elderly gentleman just saved the State of Florida a boatload of money.
  3. Decent and reasonably priced laptop for my son

    I am looking to get my son (16) a decent laptop without dropping a ton of money. He has his chromebook for school but is involved in a lot of other stuff that requires being in Zoom or Google Chats and my wife is always using hers for various club meetings. My future son in law who is an IT...
  4. Projects dreaded

    Who else has little jobs around the house that they were putting off? Mine was moving a piece of granite that was dug up during my driveway replacement. 7 feet long, about 14 inches square. With a little ingenuity and help from my wife and son we were able to get it on blocks to slide it off the...
  5. Good Golly, Ms Molly. Little Richard won't be down for breakfast
  6. Home repairs....

    Who seems to be getting more projects around the house now that most of our significant others are working from home? I know i just hired a guy to replace a set of stairs on the outside of my house, hired a company to tear up my driveway and replace it and i just tore down a 20 year old section...
  7. Invasive plants

    Has anyone dealt with Garlic Mustard plants? I noticed some growing on my property and they are spreading fast. I will probably end up using the nuclear option( Roundup) unless anyone knows of anything else safer, other than digging them up. This is what it looks like, this was taken from the...
  8. The new upperdecker phrase.

    We used to have" bang the wife, leave an upper decker and throw the car keys on the roof". Now it's "banged, cleaned up and packed away". Holy Moly, what is society coming to? Now granted, these people aren't leaving a night club with Halle Berry...
  9. Voting yesterday

    My wife and I went down to vote around 6 last night and when we came out our state rep(Jeffrey Roy) asked us to sign a petition for Kennedy. After politely declining I decided to ask him how he planned on voting for the gas tax today, he said he was going to vote for the 5 cent gas tax but not...
  10. Some days suck

    Last week i noticed a lump under my chin, it was a little painful so i decided to see my doctor. Tuesday before my appointment I noticed a toothache and mentioned it to my doctor. He said it was probably a deep cavity so made an appointment to see the dentist this morning. Early Wednesday I...
  11. WTF?

    I have no words.
  12. 2-Refrigerator Water Filters (whirlpool, kitchenaid,kenmore,maytag) $5 each

    PurePlus RWF 0500A-S, I bought these right before we decided on new kitchen appliances. If you want them shipped, I will have to add on the shipping cost. Stock photo
  13. NES beginnings

    At one point I'm sure I knew this but couldn't find anything in the archives... When was the 1st time NES became a website and what was the all time membership high?
  14. Those crazy brits, always up to shenanigans.

    800mph, thats nothing. Let me know when they can drive through solid matter in a tweaked Ford PU.
  15. Fun Wednesday

    Trapped inside while they remove the asbestos off my house. My dog is going out of his mind. I guess I will clean the house while i'm stuck inside, it will be a shock to my wifes system! This is the beginning of a project that is long overdue, remove the asbestos, the 2 layers of shakes...
  16. Car Headache

    Anyone else own a Hyundai product? My wife has a 2013 Santa Fe sport and for the most part it's been a decent car, no major problems until this year when the passenger side airbag light lit up. Herb Chambers looked at it and said the weight sensor(pods, passenger occupancy detection system) was...
  17. Must be something in the water...

    A great read if you have time. Local gals make good. An Army first: Two sisters attain general's rank
  18. High School Football

    Franklin started the season wit a win last night and surprisingly I didn't get EEE.
  19. Tell me about Dracut.

    My daughter is looking at a house on Haverhill street in Dracut. The house looks nice and the only drawback is electric heat, no gas on the street. It has central air so I suggested a high efficiency heat pump. Does anyone have any information good or bad on that area.
  20. Fall is coming

    Pumpkin spice is in the air.
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