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  1. Intex pool install, they want to swim they have to work!

    Just posted one in the yard sale classifieds, it's a 10x30 metal frame
  2. Hypothetical: protest coming to your neighborhood. How do you prep?

    make sure my homeowners insurance is up to date
  3. Intex pool install, they want to swim they have to work!

    I've got a 14x36 metal frame pool, used for a couple years, I'll probably post it in the classifieds in the next day or two unless anyone wants to PM me first just checked, it's a 10x30, not a 14x36
  4. Electric Bill

    oh, that's not cool
  5. Electric Bill

    please pm me some info on that
  6. Electric Bill

    just national grid since we moved in 2016
  7. Electric Bill

    I feel like a couple other houses in the hood have linked on my wire
  8. Electric Bill

    is $325 absurd, or is that in the ballpark?
  9. Electric Bill

    I'm ready to go full candle at this point
  10. Electric Bill

    the motion light seems to stay on most of the night regardless of motion, but it was like that two years ago, and back then the bill was still under $200/month
  11. Electric Bill

    I've always worked from home, my wife has mostly in the past, now always, and my daughter is home too, but she only keeps her light on most of time, I just don't see how how a couple lights on could add an extra $100 to the bill
  12. Electric Bill

    just a well pump and a shed light light that I never turn on
  13. Electric Bill

    all day, but it's been like that before the increase
  14. Electric Bill

    I'll have to look into that
  15. Electric Bill

    is MassSave something to look into? they also said it wouldn't be available until the "pandemic" was over
  16. Electric Bill

    it's hard wired for electric, we have oil for heat, so it would probably require a whole new tank
  17. Electric Bill

    I'm in Leicester now, my old bill in Worcester was less than $100/month.... sure we have a little more usage, but it just seems way high, I'm only running an extra fridge and koi pond. I called Nat'l grid, but they won't come out do do any assessments because of the "pandemic"
  18. Electric Bill

    2500 sq. ft. house 2 Fridges 1 Stand up freezer koi pond pump hot water heater 2 computers normal use of microwave, stove, tv, lights, washer, dryer, outdoor motion lights my bill for the last month was $325 when we moved in 4 years ago it was under $200 Is this normal, any body else...
  19. Remington Introduces new .50 BMG Bolt Action

    in before the recall
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