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  1. Is Independence Day Canceled?

    Fear has always been the democrat's greatest weapon. The truth is, Americans will do almost anything if they believe that they and their families will be safe. And the coronavirus has been proven to be an effective way to spread that fear. I believe based on what I have seen and heard that many...
  2. Senators want the public to see the government's UFO reports

    This is just what we need, more undocumented aliens.
  3. New Yorkers shoot fireworks at each other in wild video

    It's just boys having fun.
  4. Apparently,. you can catch Corona out on the Ocean

    This has never been about COVID 19, it's about control, them controlling us.
  5. Sarah Flannery America Hater, Wants to abolish America. Wachusett High grad

    Just another immature young girl looking for attention. Everyone wants their 15 minutes of fame, social media can sometimes provide them with that. Chances are if you asked her why she wants to abolish America and what would she replace it with, she probably would have no idea what you're...
  6. Warren or Harris for VP?

    The democrats have no choice they have to pick a black woman.
  7. From Ma. GOP: What Maura thinks of burning & looting

    "Yes, America is burning. But that's how forests grow." Sounds great as long as your house or business is not near that forest.
  8. use of crowd, riot control non violent weapons ?

    The question isn't do we have theses crowd control nonlethal weapons, the question is why aren't we using them right now? The sooner we stop these domestic terrorists the better it will be for everyone.
  9. Worker films himself beating defenseless elderly patients

    I wonder if he'll still be in the mood to fight when he gets to prison? To me this man is just as bad as a child molester. Hopefully, he will be treated the same way.
  10. Evidence of a Parallel Universe Detected by NASA

    Gee...... I wonder if in this parallel universe Massachusetts is a conservative state, what do you think? If it is, then just beam me there.
  11. Border Patrol Agents in Maine Arrest Five Illegally-Present Mexican Nationals

    Five fewer votes for the democrats.
  12. Can NH towns enforce their own mask laws/fines?

    After all that we've seen and heard so far, I thought it would be abundantly clear by now that the government can do whatever they want.
  13. Worst gun ever

    My worst gun ever. And the winner is the AMT backup in .380. I bought one brand new in the early 80s, couldn't get through one magazine without a FTF, or FTE, also the slide would bind to the frame.
  14. NYPD officer placed on desk duty after shocking video showed him beating a bystander

    1000 officers, to enforce social distancing? What about real criminals like child molesters, how many officers have they assigned to deal with those people? N.Y. is letting convicted criminals out of jail. Only to fill up those jail cells with innocent people? Now the police are beating and...
  15. Accidental shooting in Westbrook results in felony charges

    Hey! I'd rather see criminals shoot themselves than anyone else.
  16. Democratic bill will give Americans $2000/month indefinitely

    If all they wanted to do was give away money to buy votes, couldn't the democrats just give us the $2000 bucks a month without destroying the whole country? Where it took us so many years to get to our government destroyed in just a few short weeks.
  17. Broadcasting 20% of NYPD Out Sick Foolish Move?

    Hey! Free TVs, computers, phones, and plenty of food, even toilet paper! No credit or EBT card required.
  18. Democrats 2020 Megathread - There can be only one!

    It's hard to believe that this sorry sack of s**t is the best that the democrats have to offer. How pathetic.
  19. Fool points paintball gun at his face and pulls trigger, immediately regrets his decision

    I sure hope that this video doesn't give my dentist any crazy ideas.
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