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  1. Just Got My Stimulas Check

    I'm going to wait a few months, then buy 3 or 4 used tigers from Dumbass city dwellers who don't have a steady supply of coyotes to feed them
  2. We know how you cook them ... How do you eat them?

    The hell with the hot dogs. I want to see more photos of the two women with rifles !! Damn this quarantine crap - I know what I'm craving, and it isn't hot dogs
  3. What did you do in the reloading room recently?

    That is true. The GP-11 is great from my rifle also
  4. Anyone have a Ruger Wrangler?

    Nice revolver. If you can afford it though, I'd still buy the Single Six. Wiegand makes a sweet scope/red dot base that mounts to the rear sight screw holes (no tapping). The adjustable sights and option for the base make the price difference money well spent
  5. What did you do in the reloading room recently?

    AHA !!! I knew there had to be one!!! I never thought to search Facebook. Now I'll probably find them PITA Load development??? That's the really FUN PART !!! I load 7.5 X 55 Swiss. Send me the rifle and components. I'd enjoy doing the load development for you I buy new rifles in part...
  6. And now there's one less, Buttgiggles is out........of the race that is

    Huh I was really sure that having that 9 year old boy come out of the closet at the Butts-I-Judge rally would propel him to the presidency
  7. I FOUND IT!!!!!`

    . . . . and I thought this was going to be a funny story about a clitoris. So disappointed
  8. Western MA Getogather?

    I don't let the eye rolls stop me. There's always at least one person in the group interested in talking about guns
  9. Western MA Getogather?

    HAAAHHAHAHAHAHAAA I remember Ripton, Mike !!! That was hilarious
  10. Western MA Getogather?

    You have a point there. KOTO in Pittsfield is the only restaurant within 50 miles I would highly recommend. It's a nasty spot to ask anyone to drive to. Best way would be to jump off 91 onto Rte 9 and drive an hour east. There was an amazing steak/seafood/bar in Dalton , but it closed several...
  11. Western MA Getogather?

    Yes, you did say central MA. I'm not trying to start an argument here. I can understand why most members want to meet in Springfield, or points east. Roads suck once you get west of 91. Out this way, not only towns but entire counties are forgotten
  12. Western MA Getogather?

    You guys are something else. Western MA doesn't even start until you cross over Rte 91 Springfield is central MA. How can Worcester possibly be in western MA? Worcester is 2 1/2 hours from the NY border
  13. I don’t want to go on insulin........ Update

    You HAVE TO monitor your blood sugar. If you keep up with high blood sugar you will get nerve damage and circulation problems. You will gradually have more of your extremities amputated, probably go blind, possibly die of e heart attack or other diabetic complications. I spent years driving a...
  14. Sports Illustrated SwimSuit Model Edition - 2020

    I am so glad that I was smart enough to read the comments first, and not look
  15. School me on Lever Actions (please?)

    Even the AR fans in this group have added them to their collection, not replaced firearms Lots of lever shooters here. There was recently a group buy on Henrys
  16. Which evil POS to vote for in NH primary?

    Well, if she writes in Hillary, at least one democratic volunteer vote counter will have a breakdown
  17. What did you do in the reloading room recently?

    If you have a container of mixed powder from pulled/recycled rounds, or even small leftover amounts, making exploding targets is always something to use it up, a friend tells me Considering either a 45/70 or a .375 H&H for fun experiments like this. From the Sierra manual The H&H can go as...
  18. Iowa Caucus Predictions

    You know, yesterday I would have thought this is the one prediction that has to be right. NOOT HAAAHHAHAHAHAHAAA Everyone EXCEPT Biden Early polling, it looks like Biden may have done as badly as 5th or 6th I am loving this. Bernie is going to have almost all the delegates going into the...
  19. When do you OWN a gun?

    This is true. I have bought as a present a handgun online that was not on the MA roster. Had some work done on it. Then had the FFL ship it to an FFL in Alabama for my friend to take possession of it. I had to sell it to him for a nominal fee, as I was still the legal owner.
  20. When do you OWN a gun?

    Exactly I have never even been asked for payment or a deposit before the BG check went through, except when having the FFL place a special order The $50 charge is pure bull, and I would not set foot in there again Possibly stop by in a couple months to ask about their sales policy, and whether...
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