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  1. Subway is banning the open carry of firearms in restaurants across the nation

    This. Subway's steak and cheese subs are a crime against steak and cheese subs.
  2. Beer

    Czech Pilsners are pretty tasty. Probably the only pilsner style that I find has enough flavor. Lagunitas makes a good one too.
  3. Amazon - What the hell?!

    I experienced this within the last week. Ordered some pet food and got the notice it was going to be delayed or was lost. Waited till I could request a refund. Requested refund and ordered another bag. Got a delay/lost notice AGAIN on the second package. The package did arrive but it was the day...
  4. Funny Picture and Video of the Day MEGATHREAD!!!

    Still relevant today
  5. Beer

    These will be interesting
  6. Beer

    Heady Topper is around, but the supply is pretty low. My wife said her work only got in three cases.
  7. Just Got My Stimulas Check

    If you are eligible to get a payment, it'll probably show up by the end of this week if the gov has your direct deposit info. At least that is my understanding. People getting checks will get them......eventually. They only can mail out something like 5 million per week so it could take months...
  8. Beer

    Yup. The wife is the beer person at a liquor store.
  9. My range is now closed...

    Taunton R+P is closed. Just saw the announcement on FB.
  10. Beer

    My wife would often just grab a bottle straight off the shelf in the cellar and we'd drink it at that temp. Outside of that, if it seems too cold just let it sit a while or hold the glass in your hands a bit to warm it up.
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