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  1. we build 1022 ! ... (part Odin)

    Bravo. Just amazing.
  2. Glock 19 gen 3 build

    They'll definitely come back in stock. Just have to be patient and wait for the panic buying to die down and stores to get their inventory back up.
  3. Selling homemade non-regulated parts

    Is LLC still $500/yr
  4. New to Building

    Me and @andrew1220 are in perfect harmony today.
  5. New to Building

    You can either get them free from the ATF or buy them from amazon. And print yourself. And also go to CVS for the passport pics. etc.
  6. New to Building

    You fill it out online. but you print it and still mail copies to the local police as well as originals and pics and fingerprints to the ATF.
  7. New to Building

    I almost or did buy that exact one. May even still have it. If you see my pic i wen with one that is a hair fatter but looks similar. You can get that and pin it. But in my case.. with the SBR, I can swap to a different look. And the SBR - Tax Stamp right now is pretty quick. I think this may...
  8. New to Building

    I agree with this. I built a SBR AR22. 4.5" barrel and a 7" long fake can because I was trying to build it tacti-cool looking. Otherwise I would have flipped it and gone with a 9" barrel and a 2-4" can. Then I had to get a longer handguard because it was awkward to hold with a 4" handguard...
  9. New to Building

    What is your goal for the final length? You want a SBR or a 16 upper? The over all length goes to the end of the muzzle brake or the can, what ever is welded to the end of the barrel. Your lower is fine to build out and register and then SBR it if you want to go lower than 16", And you can...
  10. Selling homemade non-regulated parts

    I can't see how any of that would be a problem. it's just homemade... parts.
  11. Looking to build first AR

    Not sure about them shipping directly. But MA friendly retailers will sell and ship BCM.
  12. CNC Advice or Recommendation

    Sent. Thank you
  13. CNC Advice or Recommendation

    Oh, incase anyone was curious, I did test out the azek glue and some azec trim pieces today. The Glue is very strong. This is a good back up incase the shtf and I decide to do it myself on my garage floor over a couple of weeks.
  14. AR10 Upper Vice Block- Need to borrow one

    Now that's a good idea
  15. CNC Advice or Recommendation

    The WaterJet route has been a success.. Thanks @Sweeney He asked me to make him drawings for CAD dfx. I drew them up in Sketchup. But can't convert them to DXF files in the free version.. Is anyone able to convert these for me or know how I can do it without buying the SketupPro version?
  16. CNC Advice or Recommendation

    That's what I was thinking. The material is $100.. Guessing they'd charge me $100 for the time? I'll find out.
  17. CNC Advice or Recommendation

    I would try this. But my table saw can't take a dado. And don't have a radial arm saw. Looked at buying used ones and realized it would be cheaper to have them made..
  18. CNC Advice or Recommendation

    Funny you suggest this.. I went to depot on way home last night and bought a trim piece of Azek 1x3x8 and the Azek glue. Going to test glue small pieces together and see how it holds. Also going to try cutting wooden biscuits in the joints in other test pieces to see if that helps holds better.
  19. CNC Advice or Recommendation

    Definitely calling this company. Thank you.
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