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  1. Tiger King is the best documentary ever.

    Carol killed Don for sure.
  2. Gun shops in New Hampshire ***map***

    Although I do not have a retail area ( run it from my home ), I am a FFL located in Fremont NH Constitutional Arms 90 Karlin Road Fremont, NH 03044 603-932-9045
  3. Scientists Admit Flawed Experiment May Have Created ‘Super Mosquitoes’

    I saw this movie, it didn't end well for us. ;)
  4. Another what is this bug (bee) thread

    Pick up some brake clean at the auto parts store. I haven't found a bee / bug this stuff won't kill on contact! :)
  5. John Force and NHRA

    Awesome! Been a Force fan for 35 years! Love this guy.
  6. What the hell is up with Chester Rod & Gun Club?

    I received the letter via email from the club. I have no idea what it's about. Too bad, he is a good guy and has been involved with the club for years.
  7. NH: [3], nope.. now 4 anti-gun bills , we need to call the Senate to stop them, update page 7

    How can I help? I am fairly active on social media sites.
  8. ALERT: Email NH Reps on Gun bans Today 3/18! Vote is Tomorrow or Wednesday!

    I just saw the bills passed. WTF. Typical Democrats fixing problems that don't exist! Write the Governor now! Not sure if we have the votes in the NH senate to beat this garbage. Share My Opinion
  9. Stopped by a greeter

    OP response? Crickets....
  10. Traffic stop with TWO concealed firearms!

    My only comment is what the hell was that song! That was awful. :)
  11. CBS declines Nine Line's "Just Stand" commerical for Superbowl

    I love their shirts. I have a few. Very well made and comfortable!
  12. What Truck do you drive?

    My Ford F-350. Currently sporting stock wheels/tires for winter.
  13. NH HB687 Red Flag Gun Confiscation hearing scheduled 6/24/20

    I am guessing you know this already but for clarification the ATF does not have the 4473's. The dealers keep them. If a firearm is used and or recovered from a crime scene the PD will call the ATF for a trace. At which point the ATF will contact the FFL. In the video you posted those containers...
  14. NH resident license no references

    Thank you. This is all I was asking.
  15. NH resident license no references

    I renewed mine last year, and did not include references. Which is why I asked.
  16. NH resident license no references

    You do realize the state PD made the form, right? It's not stated in RSA what has to be on the form. The RSA is the actual LAW, not the form the state PD made.
  17. NH resident license no references

    I am not " bitching " but thanks for your .2 cents. If this was bitching you must live a very sheltered life. It's called being informed. It's a simple question. If the RSA doesn't require it, and from what I can see it doesn't, then they don't need it. Is this just an example of PD's over...
  18. NH resident license no references

    I am not worried about them contacting them. My point is, if the RSA doesn't require references, then why should we fill that out. And from what I can tell, the RSA does not require it.
  19. NH resident license no references

    I know this subject has been beat to death here. However, with the RSA changing last year to allow constitutional carry, I have a question. My wife went to renew her license. We left the references blank, as we always have. The Fremont PD called her today and said the state PD says no go without...
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