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  1. more vaccine fun

    I think some of the confusion here is that there are those people who don't think the government should force vaccines, which they don't. What they do do is require vaccines for children to go to public school. If you are one of the idiots that has a problem with vaccines, then so be it, but...
  2. Scope suggestion for my first AR15

    I use a Primary Arms 1-6x and really like it. It shows out of stock now, but they have batches that come in pretty regularly
  3. 1st AR Build

    For 6.8spc check out AR 15 Performance. They make great barrels, etc.
  4. Angry Ads...Why?

    I agree with the OP. It makes sellers sound like a-holes and I just chose not to consider what they're selling.
  5. Ruger LC9S

    Yep! Four Seasons has/had them and Sportsmen Den in Quincy has/had them.
  6. Out of state son wants to give his father one of his rifles

    He needs to transfer it via an FFL and it will need to be a Mass compliant rifle. So to answer you questions: -No -Yes -No He should start by finding an FFL here willing to do the transfer and then his son would find an FFL in Florida willing to ship it up. There are usually fees on both end...
  7. NES Hockey players?

    I play in the NESHL ( which has numerous leagues around Boston. Unfortunately, it doesn't go out to Worcester as far as I know. You might shoot them an email though and ask about the Worcester area. You won't regret playing again, even late at night. It's a great time.
  8. Car accident with no damage

    I think you handled it very reasonably and wouldn't worry about her later claiming an's very unlikely. I used to practice personal injury law and never encountered any cases or claims that arose from a situation like this, meaning the odds are in your favor (not to mention the facts...
  9. What Snowblower are you using?

    Just picked up a Simplicity 755 on craigslist. Very happy. i was using a Toro plug in electric. It did far far more than it should have, but i needed more.
  10. Ruger LC9S

    It's only pricey until you see what people are trying to sell XDS's for in Mass! [shocked]
  11. Ruger LC9S

    I've been waiting for this gun. Love my SR9c but want/need something slimmer to carry more comfortably.
  12. Tips and ideas to slow down an intruder?

    Baby gates. I live here and whack into them when the lights are out.
  13. Thoughts on motorcycle

    I certainly can't give you advice on your situation, but as far as bikes go I can offer my $.02. People like to debate just about everything with bikes, but at the end of the day bikes are about fun and passion. Just about any bike will stir your soul when it's sitting in your garage, but the...
  14. Ruger SR9c for My Wife

    +1 My wife can rack mine using this technique. Rather than pull the slide, push the gun. You wouldn't think it would make a difference but it does...big.
  15. Question forNam vets

    +1 I saw some guy talking on tv about Vietnam veterans and how the image of those vets is so misportrayed by the media. he was talking about how most vets don't talk much about it and they certainly aren't walking around shell-shocked and wearing fatigues. The guy speaking started researching...
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