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  1. Despite being a straight ticket R-voter, this is why i still despise FoxNews

    Fox has nothing to do with being republican. It's not news. It's infotainment.
  2. Having a hard time finding target 9mm... Any suggestions?

    First defense in Grafton had some reasonable WWB among others last time I was there - about a week ago. Give em a call.
  3. Boston Security Drills Saturday

    Because there have been so many school shootings in Boston.
  4. How much ammo is enough for you?

    Buy what you can while there is a supply. Stash a few thousand rounds and don't dip into it unless things really dry up. Keep a weekly/monthly range supply and refresh that as often as needed. A few months ago nothing could be had at any price. .22 is still in short supply.
  5. Good Samaratin killed stopping attack

    Sucks. Hope the perp goes up for life.
  6. What happens if I shoot a rabid raccoon that is attacking my dog

    Bow/arrow or machete - you shoot a gun in Cambridge/Arlington and you will lose your ltc. Even with a legitimate self defense shooting you will have a world of sh*t to wade through, likely have your ltc suspended and firearm confiscated.

    Where are they/will they build in MA? I probably won't buy firearms or ammo or accessories there because honestly - anything they carry can be found cheaper online or in a shop. I would rather support my local gun stores. However I feel that they have outdoor gear and clothing that is...
  8. Beretta M9 vs 92FS

    The Beretta forum has a sticky on this - and lots more if you search - What's the difference between US-made and Italian-made 92FS and/or M9?
  9. 7 year old accidentally shot, killed. How will you handle the Anti's arguments today?

    First off - someone had the responsibility of managing and securing the firearm - they blew it. All kinds of training issues there. In my mind this is where we should focusing legislative efforts. Provide FREE and MANDATORY training. When you first get an ltc-A and when it comes up for renewal...
  10. What's a nice, lots-to-see gun store around Natick mall other than MFS to kill 4 hrs

    I also think Dicks is a good idea. Close by. Large store - more than just some locked up rifles and shot guns - lots of hunting and shooting and general outdoor accessories. Two floors with sports stuff downstairs. It is in a strip mall with a few other shops (food) close by. And if you can't...
  11. Live Ammo Found In Bonfire Logs

    And the casings are held in the log with some frictional force - the projectiles are protruding with no contact with the log and appear free to move forward. If the force of friction on the casing overcomes the resulting accelerating force on the casing (reaction forces and accelerating forces...
  12. Transferring handguns out of state

    Thanks for the great info guys. I will ask my brother who stands to inherit the guns to investigate NYS regs regarding inheritance. Good to know the executor does NOT need a license or ffl. That is one bit of good news. BTW - they are all pistols legal in NYS - only issue may be 10 round...
  13. Transferring handguns out of state

    Because of rapidly declining health I am in the unfortunate position of having to sell some handguns and have a couple questions that I was hoping NES's collective brainpower and knowledge could answer. First off, my understanding is that I am limited to four direct/personal sales per year...
  14. Gun Range Jerks...

    The only times I have had someone say something was when I deserved it. Usually someone in my group though. Has only happened a couple times - mostly when I was a real pistol nube.
  15. Assisted opening knife

    Assisted opening is fine. Switchblades are ok in your home as well. Just don't carry one.
  16. Worcester Shotspotter

    Except when they miss. Or shoot up the front of the wrong house. Or the wrong car. Or into the back of the wrong person. Or into a crowd trying to hit a fleeing banger. Random gunfire on the streets is NOT a desirable situation no matter who is doing the shooting - including police etc.
  17. There are no foxholes in the ocean

    How do you MAKE a carrier task force sail to and bomb and strafe island airfields and docked vessels? Maybe they were goaded, but they decided to attack. Then there was the little matter of several years of war that followed that the attack on Pearl harbor. No. Imperialist Japan was definitely...
  18. .

    Always good to read, best right around end of June, early July. [wink]
  19. .

    Fist off - that sucks - glad you are ok. Not sure I would have shot anyone but pulling out a pistol may have stopped them cold. Then again if they were able to snatch a wallet what makes you think would not have snatched a gun if they found it before you got it out? Call all your bank/credit...
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