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  1. WTS Glock 26 Gen 4

    For sale is a Gen 4 Glock 26. Frame has stippling shown in photos and red fiber optic front sight. Sale does not include magasines. Price: $550 Location: Attleboro Statement of Legal compliance: I will comply with all Federal and State Laws. If the firearm is to be shipped, you must provide...
  2. WTS Price Drop Tactical Walls ModWall (wall display)

    For sale is Tactical Walls ModWall display. Photos shown are exactly how it comes. Price: dropped to $350, need gone, moving Location: Attleboro
  3. WTS Glock 17 Gen4 CUSTOM

    For sale is a Glock 17 Gen4 fully customized with parts to include: Southwest Precision Slide "Battle Cut" w/Standard RMR cut (Optic-cut cover included). 10-8 Performance Suppressor Sights Haley Strategic Skimmer Trigger Agency Arms Stainless Midline Barrel Agency Arms Magwell Surefire x300...
  4. Had to share this

    I work at a psyciatric hospital, and in the report of a guy who drove his car off a bridge into water, stated...The man reportedly told the police that he didnt drive his car off the bridge because he was crazy...wait for itttttt...he said instead he did it to piss off his wife! (who wasnt in...
  5. Resort Casino in Taunton MA Ive heard mixed feelings on this. I myself have not decided whether I am for this or not, but maybe some others might be able to post their views.
  6. Hiking in NH

    My cousin and I, along with acouple of our friends, are looking to do some hiking/camping in NH,VT and possibly Maine this coming spring and summer. My cousin has been doing some research online regarding this topic but I figured I could bring it up here and get some reliable info. As of right...
  7. Golf Wars

    A friend of mine showed me this today. I got a good laugh out of it.
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