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  1. Would you help the McCloske’s

    If I was close by then yes. But I’d have a concealed carry piece and and OC fogger. Fogger in hand agitating the constantly.
  2. Bought mt first RDS.

    My M&P core came with white dot suppressor height sights. After a while I didn’t have problems acquiring the dot on my vortex viper. I actually needed the sights at first for reference finding the dot. My 19 is cut for a rmr and delta point pro. Still undecided on which to pick up (eventually)...
  3. Glock 19 gen 3 build

    The only thing that has any difficulty with regard installing slide parts is the striker channel liner. It gets pressed in and is easy to deform. Easy to do if care is taken but is just as easy to f up. Just something to keep in mind if going the build route. Also, you don’t have to fear frames...
  4. Polymer80 build

    I ended picking frame components up piecemeal through MidwayUSA. I have a slide kit but nothing to put them in.
  5. TTI +5/6 Glock Magazine extensions... Are they any good? Any issues?

    I have the Taran +2/3 on both 19 mags as well 23 mags. They work as intended and haven’t had any issues. They have hit the ground without exploding. I also run Arredondos on my full size 9 and 40s for competition. Again they work as intended without binding or going kablooey when they drop. I do...
  6. Where to find Pre 1994 MA legal 20+ round AR-10 mags?

    I’ve been looking for pre ban SR-25 pattern mags for a while to go with my Matrix build. No luck. I did grab 5 pre ban converted mags from Armalite a few years ago when they were still selling them.
  7. Where to find Pre 1994 MA legal 20+ round AR-10 mags?

    Negative. Magwells are different dimensions. Modified m14 mags work for Armalite AR-10b only. The AR-10a follows the SR-25 pattern.
  8. IF Biden Wins: what are you going to buy?

    Maybe it’s too early for my simple mind ... BUT... if my plan was to buy lowers I definitely would not be selling (or attempting to) said lowers. 🧐
  9. Where would you move to?

    Give me the mountains of Colorado but politics are turning for the worse. I need myself an igloo in Alaska. Gotta be far away from the in-laws un Ludlow, MA.
  10. PSA: iS It pRe HEaLY?

    This dumpster fire is a real hoot. Great readin for a drinkin kinda evening. Cheers!
  11. No ammo for competition.

    This guy gets it.
  12. Show me your Glocks!

    Grey Ghost slide and sights arrived.
  13. Springfield police arrest Chicopee resident, recover gun stolen from Southwick

    No charges for the ammo? What about the apparent drug deal?
  14. SIG Sauer goes bankrupt; Eckernförde HQ to close

    It’ll almost be worth as much as an in Mass gen 2 glock!
  15. How do I prove my AK was purchased before 2016 ban?

    Did you legally possess said wasr prior to 7/20/16? If so then you legally possessed it on 7/21/16+ The “ban” was in ‘94. Healey’s spinning of shit changed nothing.
  16. George Floyd Protests to Riots to Looters - the Local Edition

    Sheriff is using a spot there for regionals. Ludlow is still on lock down.
  17. Worst gun ever

    Walther p22. My father’s runs fine. Mine got pickier after break in. Couple thousand rounds later And the hammer follows the slide more than it locks back.
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