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  1. Transfers

    Yes all out already !!
  2. Transfers

  3. Transfers

    Hi all , are there any FFL’s doing transfers during the state shut down?
  4. Bill of sale of lowers

    Thank you , been banging my head for like A year , looking to buy a preban well I’m sitting on these over here.
  5. Bill of sale of lowers

    Maybe at some point .. I have “some”
  6. Bill of sale of lowers

    What about registering , any red flags ??
  7. Bill of sale of lowers

    I have a copy of the letter form the AG’s office as I’m sure others have seen ,saying purchased before her bullshit is fine .. I’m just trying to stay as legal as I can in this hard to be legal state
  8. Bill of sale of lowers

    I’m pretty sure I paid cash for last batch. Out the door .. but paid by check for 1st couple!
  9. Bill of sale of lowers

    Help! I purchased some lowers prior to the Healy ban, but unfortunately never got any bill off sales from seller. I purchased a couple on group buys here on NES a year or so prior to ban, and some the night prior to ban went into affect on another group buy “get them now sale”. Any advice on...
  10. AR pistol with fixed Mag? (In mass )

    Purchased a Jc Arms fixed lower today .. so I guess my virgin lowers will stay that way.
  11. AR pistol with fixed Mag? (In mass )

    I will look them up. Thank you !
  12. AR pistol with fixed Mag? (In mass )

    Thank you very much, I will reach out to them and see if they have any available or when I can get one thank you
  13. AR pistol with fixed Mag? (In mass )

    Yes it fixed mag lower. I purchased the malock and side loaders, thinking I could use the Malock and a retaining pin to make my own 10round fixed lower ..but guess I can’t do that .
  14. AR pistol with fixed Mag? (In mass )

    Does Anyone know where they are readily available? Would like to grab one this weekend if they’re around
  15. AR pistol with fixed Mag? (In mass )

    So it definitely has to be a manufactured fixed 10 mag lower? Correct
  16. AR pistol with fixed Mag? (In mass )

    Well that’s not what I was hoping to hear! I was thinking if they sold the mass lock then why couldn’t you just make your own with a 10 round mag pinned? Also the pistol looks great! Love it
  17. AR pistol with fixed Mag? (In mass )

    Very late to this thread . But want to jump on board with a build . Can I use any stripped lower that I have purchased in the past that is virgin and never been registered . Purchased on bill of sales only? Also where are you guys installing the blind pin for the mag ? Orders the Malock and...

    These laws are heat for making everyday law abiding citizens fellows with the swipe of a pen !!

    Will the Gestapo police be coming door to door for yearly inspection of property ! Just insane, disgusting, Nazi law like !!!
  20. WTS Sweet Demise compound Bow Set up

    sold .
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