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  1. Amazon Prime Delivery Van Robbed In Broad Daylight

    Kozmo (remember them?) was sued for something similar back in the early 2000. They either refused to delivery to certain neighborhoods or avoided taking orders from certain neighborhoods (don't recall which). In today's climate, altering service for specific neighborhoods, even for...
  2. Seattle ice cream parlor bars police carrying guns

    What is the expectation here? That they take their duty piece and lay it on the sidewalk out front while inside ordering? No, this is a thinly veiled act of discrimination. It's one thing to ask civilians to either not bring in guns or buy elsewhere. There is choice there. But police are duty...
  3. Target Sports Delivering Again

    124 grain 9mm "Target Basic" brass up now for $0.36/round. Appears to be their own brand. May be cheaper on Prime, but I don't have it to check.
  4. What to do with 76 rounds of .357 that I don't want.

    If it's not about the money, karma them at the range with a "free" sign. Maybe write "didn't like steel casings" so people know they are safe to use. Otherwise, sell them. But that's only if you really need the space. I'd just keep them for the zombie apocalypse myself, where you won't be as...
  5. EXCLUSIVE: A ‘Predator’-Themed Taurus Raging Hunter in .357 Magnum

    Kind of thing that would look cool behind glass in a man cave mounted on the wall behind the bar, but not sure what else you'd do with it. I'd feel kind of funny pulling this out at a range. "Get to the choppa!!!" is classic though.
  6. ‪"Almost $1 Million Disappeared": A Robinhood Horror Story

    What does one "inexperienced" day trader's story of a string of extreme luck and then extreme loss once the reality of inexperienced day trading caught up have to do with politics and it's impact on the economy? And how can you say he lost a million dollars if it sounds like it wasn't even...
  7. Companies/Leaders that are standing up to the "mob" that you should consider supporting Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and Julian Castro are pushing for a boycott of Goya because: “We were part of a commission called the White House Hispanic Prosperity Initiative and they called on us to be there to see how we could help opportunities within the economic and educational realm...
  8. Magpul RLS 2 point sling

    That's the gamble these days with Amazon. They seem to love targeting gun people too. Lights, slings, red dots, furniture....lots of counterfeit products. Always see check if there's a storefront or seller listed (ie. someone using Amazon's distribution channels). Sometimes you can spot a shady...
  9. COVID Treatment???

    How about a 2 second version. Budesonide (steroid) taken via inhaler. Claims to have "cured" someone and that this person tested negative since.
  10. US Army Invents New Heavy Barrel for M4

    But from what I've seen, traditional fluting cuts appear to be more for weight consideration as oppose to maximum surface area. I was thinking tighter cuts to create more of a fin, like the JP heat dissipator that Rob posted.

    Wonder what happens when an unlisted tail number takes off in real time flight tracking websites like Does it show up on the map, but with no info? Or is it invisible on the map?
  12. Which 9mm carbine?

    Was that for the MOE version though? The ones with Magpul furniture are cheaper.
  13. Can't catch a break.

    Pfft!!! Shouldering is for wussies! In all seriousness, sorry to hear that. I'm sure if you switched to the left, it would feel more normal after the first half dozen range trips. Just takes conditioning. I've gone through some lengthy physical rehab to the point I started automatically...
  14. Subway is banning the open carry of firearms in restaurants across the nation

    Definitely better quality at local pizza joints, but no one was beating Subway's race to the bottom with the $5 foot long. They were losing money on each sale with the thought they would make it back and more off of drinks and chips.
  15. US Army Invents New Heavy Barrel for M4

    That's kind of what I was thinking would make more sense, but built right into the barrel profile. Here, I'd imagine you'd need a lot of thermal paste for efficient heat transfer to allow for the heat sink to work optimally, just like a CPU and fan.
  16. US Army Invents New Heavy Barrel for M4

    I'm no engineer, but wouldn't spiral cut heat sink fins largely defeat the purpose of having a heavy barrel--rigidity? I would have thought linear fins would have been more structurally appropriate if you had to cut fins into a heavy barrel for better heat disbursement. Maybe the spiral cuts...
  17. man pulls gun on individual not wearing a mask

    Pulling the gun was wrong and stupid, but I respectfully disagree about the fear mongering part of wearing a mask. Whatever people want to do in the privacy of their own property is one thing, but if someone else puts me at even a .000001% higher risk because they don't believe in the theories...
  18. Target Sports Delivering Again

    Guys--have reloading prices changed as well? This might be the straw that breaks the camel's back for me dipping my toe into reloading, but not if it's also an insane time to start this up. Plus, I don't have any spent brass at the moment, so that would eat into savings I suppose.
  19. Which 9mm carbine?

    Yeah, but the two he is choosing between are both sub $400 guns, which would imply a price ceiling. If price wasn't a factor, I'd suggest an MP5 or MPX. But if that's true about the budget, I'd choose the Sub2000. Although, as I've mentioned on this forum in the past, it would take another...
  20. Target Sports Delivering Again

    That's a tough pill to swallow. I also feel bad for people who want to shoot 50 BMG. A 10 round mag is currently $54. at Target. Not sure what it was before this all went down, but that seems crazy.
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