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  1. Obama`s Shrinking Navy

    Being in a Navy town, need to remember that some of the ships are very much approaching their end of service time. A vast majority of the Frigates are actually getting set/ready for decommissioning. Can it be expanded some? Yes, but a lot of these ships were made in the 70s and 80s. This...
  2. nurses strike over health care costs, LOL

    Having spent ample time in hospitals (one stay was 3 weeks+, and normally was in the week + range). I have met some nurses who were outstanding. I have had some where I have recently called up and informed the hospital that if said nurse came in to treat me they will be hearing from my...
  3. I am usually not a fan of flash mobs but....

    Waiting for the lawsuit from some kid claiming he was forced to listen to the Christian music and how they were forcing it upon him (If you looked, it was for Algonquin College (with it being in Canada nuff said)
  4. Another MSP goes off the reservation

    I would not be surprised to see if this gets changed on the down low later.
  5. SCUBA diving the USS Vandenberg in Key West FL

    From what my instructors told me, always, hence why proper surfacing technique is very important. Great video! Makes me yearn to dive the keys again.
  6. Battlefield 3

    Well, here is the trailer. And word is the guys who did C&C actually work for EA now. So think the gameplay will be the guys who normally do C&C and then BW is going to help with storyline.
  7. Harry Reid's Magical Glasses

    I think if the .gov started dealing 'whatever the hell Joe Biden is on" we could really put a dent into the budget. Probably blows the hell out of Crack or Meth.
  8. Ice fishing boots

    When I lived in Soo, MI lots of ice fishermen swore by Sorrels.
  9. 2011 New England Patriots Megathread

    What about the no-call on the helmet to helmet hit on Gronk.
  10. Star Wars: The Old Republic

    Early Access starts on Tuesday at 7am. After researching more, and the fact that RP-PvP servers were not listed as a server choice for Guild Launch, a lot of RP-PvP guilds have decided to roll on the same server. Yah, it's people who RP in MMO's, but you seriously get the most mature...
  11. Battlefield 3

    On a side note, not BF3 related. Looks like Bioware is redoing Command and Conqueror using the Frostbite 2 engine (Yes, the engine from BF3). Though it's not a FPS, it's a RTS, should prove interesting.
  12. Best Bond

    I think Timothy Dalton sucks more than Moore. Dalton tried to make Bond all P.C
  13. National Grid says I use to much electricity

    dang, and you haven't been raided yet? (And I figure it has to do with servers and lots of computers etc).
  14. Are Americans legally required to fill out census forms?

    You do realize because of the latest census I think MA is losing something like 2 seats in the U.S House of Representatives. And knowing MA they may get an organization like ACORN to conduct the followups so they may just make you a welfare mom with lots of kids, and presto, MA gets more reps.
  15. Heas Up on TMC: Streetcar named Desire

    Just found out, and never seent his but from what I hear this is one of Marlon Brando's best performances ever. TMC is showing it (in original Black and White) @ 12pm on Friday.
  16. December 7, 1941-December 7,2011

    Not sure if it was a Navy Policy or the CO of Naval Station Mayport, but the 200 Pearl Harbor survivors were given a short cruise aboard the USS Underwood (FFG-36). I was also privlaged to talk with a WW2 vet when I was having my CT Scan at the hospital. He is just amazed at how stupid a lot...
  17. Obama admin: Fort Hood Muslim terrorism attack was just "Workplace Violence"

    I find it amazing that RINO Collins ("R" - ME) is furious at this one.
  18. Obama +3 off to Hawaii for 17 days

    You assume he even works when he is supposed to be working. How many 'vacation' days has this clown taken this year?

    That was for musicals though IE. Wicked, South Pacific.....
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