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  1. Ennio Morricone will not be down for breakfast

    never heard of him before but certainly know his music, now i know who was behind some of the best movie soundtracks ever thanks for the post OP broomcorn
  2. Sincerest apologies are due.

    i tend to notice the trolls, but i don't remember you as one, but i'm aging and some times ignore useless info as i need to save the brain space. and whoever renewed your membership did a bad job. you don't show as a member in your icon
  3. They're baaaaaaaaaaack!

    not sure if serious
  4. They're baaaaaaaaaaack!

    ask clint eastwood. ya it was a movie, but how many cattle rustlers, horse thieves and plain sick murderers were hung in the 1800's. mostly white i guess
  5. Things getting real in St. Louis - Armed Lawyer couple keeps BLM at bay

    over 200 posts and no-one said it----she's guilty
  6. Skoolie Conversion

    now that was funny. laughed my ass off. thanks i needed that
  7. Man with gun in Home Depot bathroom

    lucky for me, that was the first project i started. (and finished). now if i could find paving stone.....................
  8. Atlanta Police Walking Out

    as all armed individuals should do. i know i would, although i am not a leo, but would not fault any for taking care of their own first in a true SHTF
  9. Shut your mouth.

    red wine has many more anti-oxidant benefits , but if vodka works for you, have at it
  10. Hypothetical: protest coming to your neighborhood. How do you prep?

    can't vote in the poll. no option for "i'm carrying a pistol, and long guns secreted around the property so i can continue my yard work while waiting"
  11. Don't EVER buy a LG Refrigerator!!!!!!

    inlaws used to have an old Philco fridge in the basement, had to be 40 yrs. old and ran like a champ. only got rid of it because they sold the house
  12. Bought my Scirocco back.

    wow that is something i've never even thought of doing in my wildest dreams. when i'm done with a car, it's gone and i would never consider buying it back years later. best of luck to you though, hope it works out for the good
  13. How to find underground water leak?

    always nice when potential major problems are resolved easily and cheaply. :)
  14. Vote for Joe Kennedy!!!!!

    only one thought re: markey. [puke]six thoughts re: kennedy [puke][puke][puke][puke][puke][puke]
  15. Live pd tonight, riot edition?

    yes i watch live PD. EDIT!!!! deleted my previous post as tonight is a scheduled re-run. live again next week
  16. thought it might be go time

    sw corner of brockton, bordering nw corner of w. bwater & east side of easton (stonehill college area) MSP chopper circling for 1 full hour, approx 5:20-6:20 PM today. i was almost in the center. dumped all the coke down the toilet, 80% lowers ditched in the wetlands behind me. (IF!! i had...
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