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  1. Good Holster for a Glock 19 to use at Sig Sauer course.

    Go ahead and laugh, but when I took a course with 700 rounds over two days with my G19, my Fobus worked perfectly. It was easy to draw and reholster, and the gun locked in with a click using one hand and never gave me a bit of trouble. Other guys needed two hands and a lot of time, especially...
  2. Zimmerman SUES Trayvon Martin's family and Florida prosecutors for $100MIL, claiming they engineered false evidence in his homicide trial for shooting

    Look at the bright side - if he bankrupts the foundation Mom won't be able to fly around the country pushing gun control.
  3. Took a entry level pistol course with my wife......

    Racer: Check out the author's bio at the end of the column. He might have some helpful info regarding your future plans. And he's in Texas...
  4. Charlie Daniels will not be down to fiddle with the Devil

    A real patriot and an inspiration. RIP.
  5. Springfield City Council cuts $800,000 for police shooting range lease

    It's a backdoor way to turn the cops into social workers. In MA every cop has to qualify at least annually, and maybe twice a year now. No range, no way to qualify.
  6. NASCAR bans Confederate flag at all events and properties

    ABC led the evening news with the noose story and the FBI report. They never once said it turned out to be a garage door pull, kept calling it a noose, closing with the fact that the "noose" was there last fall. They just can't let it go.
  7. n.h. ez pass extortion

    Doing a lot of traveling for work back in the day I was an early adopter of the "Fast Lane" predecessor of the EZ Pass. Towing a 2-axle box trailer behind the F350,we got to the Delaware state line where there was a big sign saying they didn't recognize the Fast Lane system, so I pulled into...
  8. Virtue Signaling for Dumb People

    You need one of those horns that plays "Dixie" as you pull out of the parking lot.
  9. Virtue Signaling for Dumb People

    Back during the Bush years the town of Amherst, which usually flies the UN flag over town hall, one day had a new flag flying, with stripes and a single star. Enraged that someone had dared fly the Texas flag to honor GWB, a woman took it down and confiscated it. It was actually the flag of...
  10. Bear kills dog - Northampton, MA

    Not a surprise. There are a couple dozen bears that live in town. They march down Main St. and raid garbage cans and bird feeders all day, every day. One woman was baking pies for them until they made a bylaw against it.
  11. Juneteenth June 19, 2020

    It's replacing Octweflth, the day the Italian fleet came, took over the whole continent, killed all the buffalo and gave everybody smallpox.
  12. HUGE Riots all over the USA/Other places too. Mr. Floyd is forgotten now. Rioting/Looting/Antifa-Anarchy/Soros & Co. MEGATHREAD!!!

    Babylon Bee is on its A game today: Democrats Clarify That Black Lives Will Only Matter Until November
  13. Atlanta Police Walking Out

    George Soros poured millions into DA races all over the USA to elect "progressive" prosecutors like Boston's Racial Rollins and Chicago's Kim Foxx. Wonder if the Atlanta DA who brought the murder charge against the cop is another...
  14. Atlanta Police Walking Out

    The DA is under investigation for taking $170,000 of grant money. Also, the GBI issued a statement saying they hadn't finished their investigation of the shooting and were not aware of the DA's announcement ahead of time. They will continue their investigation.
  15. PIC Thread: Would You Carry This?

    The Hunter looks ok for casual carry at the range or maybe a hike on smooth and level ground. I'd be concerned with the snap popping open in brushy area or a fall and the gun slipping out because the holster is oversized. To your other question I sometimes carry a J-frame in a pocket holster...
  16. Non-Cruiser motorcycle riders?

    How much for that license plate? [laugh]
  17. Best youth cartridge based off .308?

    Finding a semi-auto and magazines in those calibers won't be as easy as finding one in .308. There are reduced recoil loads from Hornady, Remington and Federal available in calibers including .308 which would drop the recoil level down to match the smaller rounds. Lots of discussion on this...
  18. Note To Rioting Americans: Why Looting A Gun Store Isn't Such A Great Idea

    A suppressed .22 could solve a lot of these annoyances. Even just a hole in the kneecap from an unknown source would take a lot of the fun out of looting.
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