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  1. Good Burger for Cookout Recommendation

    If you can get to Restaurant Depot, their frozen burgers are great. If you make fresh don't forget to give a thumb press to the middle just before putting them on the grill. prevents meatball effect & reduces the likelihood of an undercooked middle.
  2. Muzzle break install - crush washer or Jam nut

    *brake please
  3. Cancer sucks!

    Cancer sucks, indeed. My mother passed from endometrial cancer that metastasized throughout her body. My takeaway from her two-year ordeal, is that the doctors will tell you it's "highly treatable.' Treatable is not the same as curable. Yes, they extended her life, but at a huge cost in...
  4. Active shooter situation at California Marine Corps base

    So one guy fired one shot. At himself. How is a suicide misconstrued as an active shooter?
  5. How to react if approached about carrying a firearm in a store

    There is life outside New England. I see concealed and open carriers here in NC all the time. Nobody bats an eye.
  6. They're baaaaaaaaaaack!

    Front toward enemy. Nuf Ced.
  7. Panic Buying for the Next Generation?

    Don't buy for "panic" reasons. Use the right mentality. You're buying out of SPITE.
  8. AR single stage trigger recommendations?

    Check out POF. I've got ome of their single stage triggers in an AR carbine and like it. 4lbs, I think. Smooth, good reset, and their enhanced finger placement (efp) deal works as advertised.
  9. IF Biden Wins: what are you going to buy?

    Ammo, ammo, and more ammo. "plenty enough" for every gun in every caliber you shoot. Stock up on the common stuff like 9mm, .380, .38/.357, .45acp, 5.56/.223, .22LR, .308, and 12g (buckshot) that everybody shoots. When there are shortages, all you'll see on the shelves are .243 and .270...
  10. AG’s in 16 States Embrace Background Checks On Ammo Purchases

    Don't ask out loud. Probably better they don't know you exist.
  11. Civil War arms

    OP - Go to a WalMart or any other store with a good magazine selection, and pick up something with "Buyer's Guide" in the title that has 1) a bunch of articles describing the modern sporting rifle and 2) probably thirty pages of comparison charts in the back. Buy it, and one or two other "gun"...
  12. When they come for the Bobby Orr statue, it's go time

    Anyone messes with Jack, Kack, Lack, Mack, Nack, Ouack, Pack, Quack, and Mrs. Mallard, I'ma go HAM on that MF'er.
  13. UPS a little screwy

    So it's not just me. Ordered a handgun magazine and XGrip spacer from MidwayUSA on a Friday the 5th. Shipped over that weekend (Saturday?). This is one of those deals where they hand it off to USPS for final delivery. Wednesday the 10th it was at UPS, and then all tracking stopped. It was...
  14. Weekend of bloodshed: Wave of gun violence sweeps America with at least 40 people killed in major US cities and Chicago is worst hit with 104 shot

    Yawn..... So? Seriously - so f***ing what? All you can do is protect yourselves, and ask these fools to stop shooting each other. They're giving themselves their own bad name. Don't want to be racially profiled? Stop creating and perpetuating stereotypes upon which all people who look like...
  15. n.h. ez pass extortion

    I can drive seven hours across North Carolina before getting to the TN border, and there isn't a toll to be paid anywhere along the way. Never seen a toll booth in NC.

    Did he point it point it? Or just hold it low ready?
  17. Any stores have Ruger PC Carbines?

    I can't imagine Ruger would be very interested in this, but does anyone make a PCC that'll take M&P mags?
  18. Upped my capacity from my MA cripple mags

    Yeah when I moved here in 2017 I got a bunch of 30 rounders for my ARs, but up to now hadn't done anything for my EDC. Mostly because the 1st Gen M&P9c's "large" magazine was only 12. Didn't seem worth the bother. But the M&P2.0 series 15-round mag fits, and with the XGrip thing, it's a good...
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