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  1. Traveling Light

    The Hornady XTP I carry in it has the little pink plug to guarantee expansion, but it will penetrate 11" of soft tissue and 4 layers of denim. Not bad for 110 years old...
  2. Traveling Light

    Managed to get out and about for the first time today after surgery. Drove the Pontiac to the store, pharmacy, and the range. 50 rounds Winchester ball out of my 1910 M08 Colt Pocket .25acp. 29 paces of my size 11, 13" sole sneakers comes out to 31.4 feet. First 24 mostly right, corrected on the...
  3. M1 Carbines

    Fun though, aren't they? t
  4. Help identifying these mag pouches

    Funny, I’m in New Bedford. But have neither an SKS or Mosin t
  5. Help identifying these mag pouches

    yes and yes. t
  6. WTB M1889 Danish Krag-Jorgensen

    The title says it...down to the last elusive piece I’m looking to reacquire. t
  7. Milsurp prices

    Where? Average is more like $700. If you're REAL lucky, you can get one for under $600. t
  8. WTB H front band for K98 Mauser

    Looking for an pre/early war K98 front band. 50% finish or better. WaA/serial does not matter. Have a speed milled front band or stamped rear band for trade, or buy outright. t
  9. German modified first year VZ-24

    Anyone have an early war “H” front band for a K98? I can trade a mid war speed-milled band for it, or buy outright. For a RC on the way, so make/serial doesn’t matter. Average finish. Would rather do business with local members. Also have a stamped rear band. t
  10. WW2 German training rifle

    Training rifle forum on the K98k forum: t
  11. M1 Carbines

    Just 1 is great; thanks! t
  12. WW2 German training rifle

    Lots of little parts will have serial numbers.....matching numbers is the big banana in value. t
  13. WW2 German training rifle

    Pics? t
  14. German modified first year VZ-24

    Took it to the range today. 87F, sun, breezy. 100 yards, 20 rounds new PPU. 300M battle sight. Aiming at the bottom of the target, 2 misses. Aimed center, two hits low left. Set sight to 500M and began hitting. Still left; had to counter aim right. Hits climbed as barrel heated up. Moved the...
  15. German modified first year VZ-24

    I had to dismount the rifle again to ream out the cleaning rod channel...still had to use a mallet to get the rod down...for show anyways. t
  16. M1 Carbines

    I have an oiler; trade for a mag? t
  17. German modified first year VZ-24

    So 43P comes back to the 43rd Czechoslovakian Infantry regiment. The very high rifle number probably makes it a depot rifle. 1924 production began with the N block. t
  18. German modified first year VZ-24

    Doesn't close on a field gauge so we're good to go. Action is slick, but slow. Don't know if I'll have a chance to shoot it....hip surgery TH. t
  19. New Acquisitions June 2020 - Firearms Only

    I only have 29 pieces, but every one original, between 1812 and 1945. I had sold off 3/4 of my collection to cover medical bills, heart attack, etc....and have added a few back recently that I missed. t
  20. New Acquisitions June 2020 - Firearms Only

    First year 1924 VZ24, German modified, bolt MM. Still marked to the Czech 43rd Infantry regiment. German modifications varied, but this one has a blued bolt, plugged wrist swivel, and numbered small parts. Bore is only fair, but the original barrel...may shoot a little cleaner. Will have to wait...
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