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  1. WTS FAB Defense T-POD G2

    For sale a fab defense tpod G2 grip/bipod. $80 cash or PayPal friends and family. pick up in Haverhill MA or nearby.
  2. Exclusive: Secret Military Task Force Prepares to Secure the U.S. Capital

    Do you think they will use Pay Pal friends and family absolutely no comments otherwise add 4%? Bernie bros will be able to run and have meetings from their parents basements
  3. Anyone buying a Coronavirus Gun

    assault style toilet paper. Not milspec.
  4. KAC rear sights legit?

    I like to have them and use them. I do remove the optic so I can use the BUIS. I like the Matech I have you can buy them used for under $50 and use the standard front sight. I also have KAC and Troy but I promise I’ll sell the Troy. Also I’ll sell anything smith and Wesson, colt and HK but...
  5. KAC rear sights legit?

    Also what’s the consensus on Troy sights? Do they have an “alternative lifestyle” or you can buy with confidence
  6. KAC rear sights legit?

    So what is the consensus on the USMC marked KAC sight? Is it good to go or not?
  7. KAC rear sights legit?

    Yes he is expensive. Arfcom says these are stolen, people question whether legit or stolen or even real. A legit business is selling them on their site so I doubt they are stolen. Also I think eBay would be shutting down the sale of these as well if they were stolen.
  8. Gunsmith on the North Shore

    He does a great job, he is courteous and he is always helpful.
  9. KAC rear sights legit?

    Troy got destroyed by the Greeks.
  10. KAC rear sights legit?
  11. KAC rear sights legit?

    This is not the source the op was referring to. The op was talking about the ones on eBay for $60. Charlies customs sells the USMC marked sights for double the price. In other words buyer be aware for the eBay items.
  12. KAC rear sights legit?

    Some other forums don’t allow USMC labeled sights to be sold on their site. The eBay ones look at the sellers feedback probably legit.
  13. KAC rear sights legit? $119
  14. Best AR for Under $1,000

    It’s was on AR15.COM. Scan through their for sale items. The op is not in MA anyway so getting a cheap lower is not an issue
  15. Best AR for Under $1,000

    I would get a colt 6920 for under $1k. But if you plan to SBR there are other sources online you can get lowers like an LMT for $350 complete and then add a short barrel upper of your choice.
  16. If you had to choose one of these four 9 mm's, which would it be and why?

    I have shot all but the Para so for the ones I have shot G19.
  17. Finding A Pre-Maura Ma Compliant AR Platform

    Buy a pre 94 lower and then you don’t need to worry about a gunsmith
  18. Glock 17 or VP 9 ? Owners

    Buy both if you don’t mind having 2 striker fired 9mm. I own the HK but have shot both firearms and like them both. I like the HK mag release but I don’t mind the traditional mag release either. So if you can afford both then buy both.
  19. 1911 recommendations?

    Colt competition series or Colt Gold Cup or a used S&W 952 Performance Center would be some of my choices
  20. Merry Christmas 2019

    Merry Christmas to everyone
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