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  1. Wireless Game Cam, non-cellular?

    Sorry to bother you. I just want to share my photos, and let you guys know that our camera is in good quality, just let you get to know it.
  2. Wireless Game Cam, non-cellular?

    Hi, Kevin WOW, it is really shocked for me to hear from you and mentioned the DefendX. :eek: Actually WingHome is not a clone of Willfine, winghome is our own brand, we just cooperate with Willfine. In the next product iteration, we will use our own design and make a more obvious difference...
  3. Wireless Game Cam, non-cellular?

    This is the photo taken by my WingHome 350C trail camera, the night vision quality is good! I can see the grass on the ground clearly. It has taken some pics of rats, but I lost these photos otherwise I will show it to you all. I have to say that WingHome trail camera is awesome, it deserves...
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