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  1. WTS Ruger Wiley Clapp Carryhawk Talo

    Location : south of Boston Description : looking to sell my new in box never fired Ruger carryhawk. Comes with factory box and all accessories, it’s a convertible model so it has an extra cylinder for 45acp. Transfer will be done at ffl shop on buyers dime Accessories : all factory...
  2. Mossberg 590 Shockwave legal in MA?

    If anyone is looking for a real deal 14” shockwave I have one for sale in the handgun classifieds
  3. WTT Simplicity **SNOW BLOWER**

    Pm sent
  4. WTS Drive the Gadsden, price drop to $3000

    Try listing it on Jeeps of mass on Facebook I’m sure it would sell quickly on there. They love old school Cherokees on there
  5. Northeast Arms - Route 1 South in Peabody

    Went in there yesterday looking into buying a mil spec quality ar-15. Ended up getting a colt le6920 magpul edition. Steve was awesome and went into detail about the different ar's he had in stock, me being a newbie and coming from the ak world I appreciated that because I learned a lot more...
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