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  1. Which 9mm carbine?

    The website says it's $1400 - do they go cheaper? The one is classifieds looks like a good deal with the pre-ban mags (I assume 30 round Glock mags?).
  2. Market in the toilet who’s buying?

    Interesting, wonder why they picked Hecla? $2 billion market cap, they must think it's going to $20 billion. [laugh] I shouldn't talk, I own First Majestic.
  3. Montana

    It sucks, cause for the last 30 years, I can't hear Montana without thinking of that damned movie.
  4. Montana

    I'll take grizzlies over mosquitos and ticks, personally.
  5. Montana

    We stayed in Gardener, just south of there when we visited Yellowstone a few years ago. Awesome to see people making the move - I do wonder though as the coast cities become more unliveable, are the Montanas and Wyomings going to become heavily populated? That would be a crying shame. At least...
  6. Gold and silver prices are down

    Gold is still holding onto $1805, if that gives way and we close the week much below $1800 then I think we'll have our correction. It depends on the overall market unfortunately. If the S&P500 tanks it'll take gold and miners with it.
  7. Gold and silver prices are down

    Gold really needs to put some distance between itself and $1807ish. If we can go to $1850+ then maybe the eventual pullback will only be to $1800.
  8. Gold and silver prices are down

    I knew EPIVX looked familiar, Peter Schiff fund! Should be renamed the Blind Squirrel Fund.
  9. Gold and silver prices are down

  10. Which 9mm carbine?

    Preban mags are the main advantage of the Ruger otherwise the CZ or even Sig would be more attractive. I'm almost to the point of not caring about mags laws, but not quite there yet.
  11. Which 9mm carbine?

    thanks yeah I was talking about the one I pictured with pistol grip.
  12. Took a entry level pistol course with my wife......

    Im sure our government would do a great job handling all that. [laugh]
  13. Which 9mm carbine?

    i see there's now a Mass compliant version, any reason to get the free state version and have it made compliant instead?
  14. Which 9mm carbine?

    Ruger takes Glock mags. It's not quite as fuggly in latest form.
  15. Gold and silver prices are down

    Silver is a great buy right now. It's a monetary metal selling at the price of an industrial metal. Also you have Comex banks suppressing the price of silver, which is much harder to do with gold. It was absurd to have the price of physical silver double and no see movement in the Comex price...
  16. Good Burger for Cookout Recommendation

    omg, I'm getting that for my wife. She makes delicious burgers but they're like those Burger King mini burgers they had way back.
  17. Gold and silver prices are down

    Fundamentals are certainly very different. I think the PM bull market was like 2000 to 2011? And it only crashed in 2011 cause everyone thought QE would lead to inflation, and it didn't. The bull market runup to 2011 didn't seem at all about a loss of confidence in the Fed, but this time I...
  18. Gold and silver prices are down

    Gold and miners have come up so far that the short-term traders have their fingers on the trigger ready to sell. But when they do, the long-term buyers buy all the dips, so we'll see, it certainly looks very bullish. We'll get a healthy correction at some point, either now or maybe after we run...
  19. Gold and silver prices are down

    While we closed above $1800 we need more than one daily close above that to avoid a pullback. Let's see how the week goes. Weekly close over $1800 would be big.
  20. Market in the toilet who’s buying?

    It's the earnings growth that matters, or even revenue growth. And Hertz went up like 1000% despite no earnings projected ever.
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