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  1. A Visit to Auschwitz

    I don't believe they are so much NAZI MEMORIALS as WAR MEMORIALS. A great many Germans were caught up with the nonsense. And don't tell me every Nazi was bad. Schindler was a Nazi.
  2. A Visit to Auschwitz

    Like Democrat "Legend" FDR and the "Saint Louis" ? MS St. Louis - Wikipedia
  3. A Visit to Auschwitz

    Don't leave out Imperial Japan.
  4. A Visit to Auschwitz

    Honestly they should offer ONE NIGHT IN THE CAMP for tourists. Obviously they could not beat them, but the cold, the shouting, the stench, the crowding, the rations (if any). Then pay for a TEN-NIGHT STAY for AOC.
  5. Tax Free Weekend Plans

    I shopped at five today. None seemed any busier than usual. Tho I did see more cashiers on duty. Otherwise it may have sucked.
  6. Tax Free Weekend Plans

    I needed about 30 Wood Dollies from Harbor Freight, so I waited until now to save $12. BFD. I really want their $200 top tool 8-drawer tool chest, but no. Tho I checked it out - again - today. Dam it is nice. If it drops during Black Friday events I'll bite.
  7. Where's Jeff Kuhner ?!! WRKO 680AM

    Yeah, I never listen to Talk Radio until noon. It's too depressing. But at 12PM it's Talk 1200 w Rush and all is well. Then Howie, Paggs, and the latest Hannity podcast. I like Kuhner but he doesn't fit in anymore.
  8. Am I wrong?

    Just keep in mind it's a wall-hanger. Hence my willingness to part with it cheap.
  9. Am I wrong?

    IMHO three months is not very long. A wise man once taught me that if you wish to sell quickly, you're selling cheaply.
  10. Am I wrong?

    This is still America, and you are 100% entitled to vote with your feet. Would you opinion change if the fee was in the Contract ? BTW, the last time I consigned a firearm I left it with the shop for more than a year. Then took it back. No transfer fee was charged. I still have it, and am...
  11. Unsuitable due to bounced check?

    I do not "DO" checks, and haven't for 30 years. They suck. Last time I renewed my LTC I bought a Money Order at my local Convenience Store for 89 cents, and slept well knowing all would be fine.
  12. Am I wrong?

    This entire thread began because the OP was a bit testy about being charged a $25 Transfer Fee to have his consignment returned to him. Of course TIME IS MONEY. But … The Gun Shop already sold some firearms for him, and made a commission. The only matter that can be questioned is whether the...
  13. Am I wrong?

    You said it; I quoted it verbatim.
  14. Am I wrong?

    So are Transfers, yet shops charge $40, $60, $80 !! The $25 Transfers are rare these days. And the last shop that did a $25 Transfer for me closed recently :(
  15. Am I wrong?

    There's a lot to be said for being able to inspect the item in person, with no pressure. If you meet a fellow NES member that lives 100 miles away, even if you guys meet halfway, you're going to feel like an ass if there's a scratch you don't like and you then pass. But in a Gun Shop you see...
  16. Am I wrong?

  17. "Florida Man" arrested for making DEATH THREATS to President Trump

    Christ - even today he's getting three squares and a roof on our dime. WTF
  18. "Florida Man" arrested for making DEATH THREATS to President Trump

    A "Palestinian"? Odd how even then Palestinians were immune from criticism - even when one assassinated a Democratic Icon.
  19. Am I wrong?

    THIS shop is your fall guy? How about the endless supply of shops charging $50 and up for a TRANSFER?
  20. Am I wrong?

    I never said "GUNS". 50% is prolly crazy for Real Estate or Vehicles too. But for average shit 50% is great - if you can get it at all. Your eBay "Assistants" demand 50% and $50 minimums. Even then these people are few and far between. And that includes anything eBay lets them sell - which...
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