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  1. Funny Picture and Video of the Day MEGATHREAD!!!

    We did that last week at the lake. I played Jaws on an 8 foot screen. Like a float-in theater. Next week I will be showing Friday the 13th. I am trying to figure out how to hang a 16ft x 10ft screen.
  2. We need a new Freezer: Where to find a good size (for family) freezer??

    I picked up a 5cf chest freezer at Best Buy about a month ago. Ordered on Tuesday and picked up on Saturday. I wish I had gotten a bigger one for organizing food instead of stacking.
  3. What are you cooking for the Pandemic?

    Today, I am cooking ribeye steaks and lamb cops on the grill. Rosemary potatoes and white rice with edamame. Fishing off the dock with my 6yr old grandson and taking the pontoon boat for for a lap around the lake. Maybe this should go into the first world problems thread.
  4. Tool I.D.

    I have a spreader like the one on the left. But the center shaft is a fine threaded screw. I don't know what it's made for. I have used it if I need to drill multiple holes the same distance apart. I drill one hole, set the distance, put one pin in the hole and tap the other with a hammer to...
  5. What a night....

    Congratulations to you and your family.
  6. Official Worst Jokes Ever Thread

    Have you heard the joke about the peaceful protest in MN? It was a riot
  7. The Stinky Thread

    And gun shows.
  8. First look at my Grandson!

    Congratulations, I have 6 and number 7 is on the way.
  9. Trading forward - ** Trade Completed ** PLEASE REMOVE **

    Very nice offer. I would like to reload some .40 for the range when it opens up again.
  10. Bear? In Merrimack Valley

    I have seen a bear in the Ward Hill area of Haverhill a couple times.
  11. I graduated law school!

    Congratulations and enjoy your new rifle.
  12. Elderly Gram got scammed. Just venting.

    After my mother passed, my father wanted to add me to his accounts. The bank manager saw an 82yo handicap guy adding me to all his accounts and pulled him aside. She asked him a few questions about why he was adding me. After a couple minutes she apologized for wasting our time and explained how...
  13. Best Dog Names

    What a great looking puppy.
  14. GOAL support

    Do they post the results somewhere? I didn't see anything on their site.
  15. Best Dog Names

    Looks like Sandy to me
  16. Happy Easter NES !

    Happy Easter everyone!
  17. Driving from MA to anywhere near Knoxville? Got extra space? Want some gas money?

    Have you looked into shipping with a common carrier? Stacked and wrapped on a simple pallet shouldn't cost much. What's an approximate weight and location where it needs to be picked up?
  18. Anytime Cocktails

    I have a bottle of orange/pineapple infused vodka, going to try it out today.
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