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  1. Residential Electrician to install a floor outlet

    It's getting harder and harder to find things that don't use electricity. More than 1/2 the recliners we looked at were electric and some of those have the controls in a remote. In any case for me it is a manual recliner. The wife wanted adjustable lumbar support which is nearly always an...
  2. Residential Electrician to install a floor outlet

    The nearest wall outlet already has an window AC, two lamps, and wife's laptop. I want a new circuit and we'll probably move the table top lamp to the new outlet.
  3. Residential Electrician to install a floor outlet

    Basement is concrete and floor joists are open so there's easy access to the area it need to be installed. If an Arc Fault Breaker fits into a standard slot in a breaker panel then is shouldn't be a problem. There are still a bunch of slots in the panel.
  4. Residential Electrician to install a floor outlet

    My wife wanted to replace two aging recliner so off to the furniture stores to browse we went. We started local with Gariepy in Leominster. Then off to Nashua to Ashley, Bernie and Phylls, Jordan and LazyBoy. It os amazing how many of these now need to be plugged in. Anyway the wife selected...
  5. New Gun Owners due to Covid-Riots

    I worked the primary in MA earlier this year. I was assigned to be a floater. I would work the tables for check-in, check-out or inactive voters to give breaks. Later in the day I and another floater were given the envelopes of absentee ballots. We checked each envelope at the check-in table...
  6. Groundhog food to bait trap?

    Pretty sure that relocation is not legal... If I recall ground hog is open season. Why not just kill it.
  7. Somebody really F'd up this morning!

    Depending where it breaks it could just be thrown and laying in the road, or it could wrap aaround either sprocket locing up the rear wheel. or the drive sprocket. If it locks up the drive sprocket and the motor is making enough power I'd expect a bunch or broken pieces in the transmission...
  8. Getting city/police to lower/enforce speed limit on residential street?

    People that request/approve the installation of speed bumps should be strapped to a stretcher, loaded into an ambulance and repeatedly driven over speed bumps until they change their mind.
  9. Getting city/police to lower/enforce speed limit on residential street?

    State speed limit for thickly settled is 30 MPG. A couple years ago the legislature in thier infinite "wisdom", passed a bill several hundred pages long to streamline local government. Burried in it was a provision to permit local government to bypass the normal procedure for setting speed...
  10. Getting city/police to lower/enforce speed limit on residential street?

    Even trained observers have a notoriously difficult time estimating speed. OPs speed estimates are likely greatly exaggerated. Usually when police step up enforcement due to complaints from the neighborhood the find themselves mostly writing tickets to the very residents that were complaining...
  11. Air Fryer Cooking

    Lstely we've been using ours for fries, sweet potato fries fresh cut, and occasionally fish with good results. Choose one sized to your family.
  12. Funny Picture and Video of the Day MEGATHREAD!!!

    As a firm believer in Darwins theory I don't think so.
  13. Funny Picture and Video of the Day MEGATHREAD!!!

    Whoops. Tripped on the double yellow. Might have been OK if it had been a passing zone.
  14. Moonbat Cabal(s) Discussion... straw banners, bag banners, bike paths, etc.

    No more bike races. The organization that ran it couldn't continue so disbanded early this year and donated any funds they had to charity.
  15. Truck broken into last night. Lock your doors!

    Interesting story on the 11 PM news last night. Nurse had her car stolen from the driveway. Her spare keys were in another nurse's car that was parked in front of her's and that car had the window smashed. The thief drove here new Mazda away using her spare key.
  16. ETHANOL. My bitch !

    IIRC we got saddled with ethanol as the replacement for MTBE (Methly Tri Butyl Ethelene). The MTBE \was in the gas as an oxygenator as mandated by the EPA. It releases extra oxygen to help clean up the exhaust gases without having to lean out the mix. MTBE was banned because it was showing up...
  17. My Five Favorite Movies

    1. Blue Thunder 2. Easy Rider 3. Guardians of the Galaxy 4. Octopussy 5. Stargate
  18. Looting report threads?

    I was really expecting mighty mouse.
  19. Official Worst Jokes Ever Thread

    Three hard-of-hearing old timers playing golf on a blustery day in March, out on a tee: First: “ Wow, it’s windy! ” Second: “ No, it’s not y’old coot; it’s Thursday.” Third: “ Boy, so am I! Let’s have a beer.”
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