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  1. Market in the toilet who’s buying?

    83 Tons of gold - fake From Zerohedge, a news story about 83 tons of gold that was gold plated copper, imagine of all places, China. Article claims collateral holders and insurance co‘s will go into market to quietly replace the fake stuff, rather than face the public specter of a scandal. A...
  2. CBP seizes 10,800 pins allegedly for firearms

    At actual value and count, would have owed $30K for Trump's China tariff.
  3. Market in the toilet who’s buying?

    Exactly right. Buyers, it seems, are in a win/win position. If the economy recovers they are OK, if not, the FED is going prop the market up.
  4. Do you even sousvide bro?

    Penzy - English Prime Rib Rub (Note: a torch may burn the seasonings and give unpleasant/bitter taste.) Will also use pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, dried shallots and/or powdered chicken/beef bouillon. Personally don't like using fresh garlic SV, think it gets bitter...
  5. Qualified Immunity Petition at the Supreme Court

    Some are not waiting for SCOTUS -- Bill filed Should not be limited to only police/LEO, but all government actors.
  6. School me on best router/AP combo for Verizon

    Ubiquiti AP is set and forget. They just work. Have only three Ubiquiti APs that have setup and manage, so small sample size. Eeros are a little more work, but they do work.
  7. School me on best router/AP combo for Verizon

    Pobably not. Might work if you add a zitzen plug and framus. Be careful, most zitzen plugs are left handed thread and work at [email protected] Weird right, but no accounting for old tech. Haven't seen a framus for sale (new or used) in 30 years. Sorry, but hink you are out of luck. Why change something...
  8. School me on best router/AP combo for Verizon

    LuvDog is 100% on point. Ubiquiti - UniFi® AP AC PRO. If you want to replace the Verizon stuff can buy the other items in his post, but not necessary to extend WiFi. You should make sure to buy the Access Point with the POE injector/power supply. They sell it without in some packages. You'll...
  9. Businesses that went bankrupt during Coronavirus pandemic

    Was in a daily email blast from a credit insurance broker. Will see if can find where they found it.
  10. Businesses that went bankrupt during Coronavirus pandemic

    Tuesday Morning - filed for bankruptcy protection. Closing 200+ stores. Had not been doing well before CV-19, it just pushed them over the edge. Interesting factoid -- JC Penny, Neiman Marcus, J Crew and Stage Stores, all of which are in bankruptcy, occupy 65.4% of the retail square footage of...
  11. Do you even sousvide bro?

    Exactly right — pork with little/no fat like chops or tenderloins 145, fatty cuts 165 to render the fat
  12. Do you even sousvide bro?

    Can add a little sugar also. Not for sweetness, but to have the meat retain moisture. Not everyone’s cup of tea.
  13. 5/15/20 - Could be a big SCOTUS announcement

    Gonna have to wait and see, maybe will have orders on Monday from today conference.
  14. Comm2A, SAF, GOAL and FPC file against Baker admin on shop closures

    PJ Media - Unfair restrictions From the link above: Leary (Cape Gun Works, Hyannis) told PJ Media, “We can’t go on like this for very long. We went from 100 to 200 transactions a day to 30. It’s painful.” Other retailers like Home Depot or Walmart are allowed many more people than that per...
  15. Damn mice

    Snap traps indoors, Tomcat bait stations outdoors. Don’t want any of the poisoned ones dying in the house, in a wall, in the summer or ever,
  16. Businesses that went bankrupt during Coronavirus pandemic

    Some bankruptcies will be strategic -- too much debt, too many stores/poor performing locations, can't get deliveries due to credit risk, closed due to Covid, etc... why not file?
  17. Businesses that went bankrupt during Coronavirus pandemic

    You have to do it as you blow through $3+ Billion of investors money with the hope getting to break even before the inevitable lawsuits start.
  18. Businesses that went bankrupt during Coronavirus pandemic

    Adam Neumann? Kidding.
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