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  1. Trump to hold outdoor campaign rally Saturday in Portsmouth

    At least they can't turn off the Air Conditioning this year. And the AC power will be protected.
  2. God hates boats

    It's all about calibration. The Sat Nav pointer is to a TV dish.
  3. Home and property defense in Mass
  4. Army or Marines

    Look at companies hiring former military, and what they're looking for. Companies like RayCo are known retirement homes for former military. Some international field Technical Service groups require small arms training! Service the equipment you served on, and have experience with.
  5. Home and property defense in Mass

    Plenty of examples. Get in line for a rental!
  6. New Intel: Communist China providing automatic weapons to Antifa, Black Lives Matter

    One box of parts versus a virus?
  7. Home and property defense in Mass have to drag them in your house? In TX, they do that for you!
  8. Home and property defense in Mass

    Freezer + Wood Chipper = Fertilizer
  9. Home and property defense in Mass

    Pepper spray lawn sprinkler system. Gasoline would be way to dangerous, especially with shrub mister heads! Septage injector? PEPE THE GUARD SKUNK A radiator manufacturer in Fort Wayne, Indiana, found an effective...
  10. Home and property defense in Mass

    Sorry, the dog(s) got out [thumbsup]
  11. God hates boats

    What do I think. NES is not listed in your "Memberships" list
  12. God hates boats

    Check the "Transfer" box
  13. Another respiratory virus from China (Coronavirus Megathread)

    Pareto and Darwin are behind the new numbers. Time for more animal control, of the 20%, again :rolleyes: See Table 1 age 21-44 line 30 Why does Gina make the...
  14. God hates boats

  15. Looking to hire help for moving

    The Faker will miss your tax $ [crying]
  16. Looking to hire help for moving

    Add a zero to your rate and get someone with insurance that you can verify. That way, a back strain will not end up with a $$$$$$$ law suit. I know some guys with a moving truck. They will secure all your guns, and they don't need a delivery address! View...
  17. Calf cramps

    Keep one handy at all times! Fat Tire
  18. Could Doomsday Bunkers Become the New Normal?

    If I see a bunker, the owner will need to be aware of this video But, if a cobalt drill is pushed in and broken off first [wave] View:
  19. Guns on boats

    Winchester Stainless Marine
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