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  1. Armslist, yeah this email offer seems legit.

    +1. Recently sold a pistol through Armslist pretty quickly. The buyer did ask more questions, but was a solid person. Of course, without a feedback mechanism, every new listing is like a new game of guess-the-scammer. Makes life more fun, I guess.
  2. auto lug nuts

    I always put a tiny dab of anti-seize on the threads before I put the lug nut on. Just don't gob it on. Also, have a cheapie harbor freight 1/2'' clicker torque wrench for when I am putting a wheel back on. Even if it is not super accurate, it's accurate enough. I put anti-seize on the mating...
  3. Mass Compliant Sig P320??????

    Quick FYI: The hammer pivot pin from the P250 FCU is a perfect fit. I ordered the P250 parts kit (PKIT-250C-9) which is a good deal in itself if you have a P250. Pin fits perfectly. No need to dremel if you don't want to. ETA: Take that Marsha!
  4. Mass Compliant Sig P320??????

    I don't think so. The pin that remains is completely round. It doesn't interfere with the sear or striker safety. If you look at an intact safety, the blocking of the trigger bar occurs because of a protrusion that is on the right safety tab. With that tab removed, there is nothing to lock up...
  5. Mass Compliant Sig P320??????

    In a grip module with the safety tabs cut off. I used a reinforced cutting disc on a dremel. Thinking about entire process. It might not be necessary to even need to disassemble FCU. The right safety tab could be removed and the pin shortened in place. The right safety tab is held on by the...
  6. Mass Compliant Sig P320??????

    **Still have to test for function** Safety tabs can be cut off off. Pin is held in by grip module walls if you have a no-cut-out grip module. Right now I have mine in a spare P250 grip module, but waiting on a newer slide release grip to come in mail. Hardest part was figuring out how to...
  7. Gun Parlor-first rate operation

    I won't be back. They've messed up two transfers for me. Not going to bother with them anymore.
  8. Cotton Cleaning Rags

  9. Anyone else sick and tired hearing about this 'Pokemon Go' crap yet?

    My work place (right by the water) seems to have a "hotspot" behind it. I've seen strangers for the last two days furiously mashing their phones in the same area. I never believed in the Zombocalypse until now.
  10. Over $2400 yr for Comcast/Xfinity cable/phone/internet..Teach me how to dump it?

    My attic is unfinished so I bought a big antenna plus two of the little grid ones (this was years ago), mounted them on a closet pole. Ran the coax into a 4-1 combiner and snaked the cable down the outside of the chimney (center of house). Into basement and up through hole in floor from where...
  11. Reel Mowers

    Got a 16 in Scotts recently. It is true that a twig will stop it cold. Touch the blades on a rock and you can hear it work the burr out (doesn't take too long). Got it for the exercise factor and I have mostly slopes in my yard so I hate heavy mowers . The thing is so light that I don't mind the...
  12. What are you going to buy before Hillary gets elected?

    Phased plasma rifle in the 40 watt range.
  13. Why did Ruger decide to make the American pistol?

    I am starting to appreciate my SR9 more and more (makes me the minority I guess). I will get one of these after initial stupidness dies down...
  14. Free

    Does look like lab epoxy. That stuff laughed at me when I was trying to put some screws in it once.
  15. Ruger SR45

    I just discovered this last time I was at the range. It put a smile on my face.
  16. Tell me whats wrong with this.

    Usually when location says Mass, Mass = total scam. The MA, MA people were selling a beretta cougar that I was drooling over, and you get some bogus email about contact this person and the gun is in another state...blah, blah, blah.
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