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  1. Guns That Seemed Cool in Movies... Disappointed IRL.

    I’ll have you know that was one of the first guns I Considered purchasing after I got my LTC. I didn’t know enough about guns yet so I didn’t buy it. I’ve regretted that ever since. it just felt so right and was built like a tank. I still look for one and haven’t found it here in Ma. (Albeit...
  2. Tannerite

    You have a picture is Sasquatch! He’s in the left side between the trees. Lol Don’t do stupid stuff like put it in an enclosure that will build pressure and cause a dangerous explosion. I wouldn’t use it if conditions are to dry with lots of fuel sources around. Otherwise enjoy
  3. Funny Picture and Video of the Day MEGATHREAD!!!

    How in the wide world of sports have I never heard of this show before. I’m fricken dying! Well I guess my weekend plans just went into the crapper, see you boys on Monday!
  4. Let's talk hand tools

    If your trying to replace what you have then I recommend the following. Armstrong- they are very much like craftsman (but without the raised panel) in fact they were a supplier to craftsman thru the Danaher tool group. They are USA made you can also buy craftsman industrial which is full...
  5. So I just blew my wifes mind!!!

    Remember Ten atta boys makes you a legend with your wife, one awe shit wipes the slate clean.
  6. Funny Picture and Video of the Day MEGATHREAD!!!

    Take me home country road
  7. Funny Picture and Video of the Day MEGATHREAD!!!

    According to my Google fu the answer is yes. Yes she did. Even preferred the right side.
  8. Cast Iron Cooking - How many of you cook solely on cast iron cookware?

    I don’t know why but now I want one of those pans. I’ve been able to get my wife and mother in law to switch over to cast iron (for most of their cooking) but they “burn” the pan most of the time. So I keep one set aside just for myself it’s well seasoned and eggs slide right out same as my...
  9. What's the right Showers to Days ratio?

    At minimum once a day. I shower twice a day before work and then after work.
  10. Kim jung-un brain dead

    Wow maybe something positive has finally happened in 2020. Lol.
  11. Non Resident CT Pistal Permit "Processing Time"

    I just got mine two weeks ago. I sent paperwork off the week of thanksgiving 2019.
  12. Weenies...

    Man I like hot dogs pan fried, boiled, steamed, over a fire as long as there hot have onions, mustard and that hot sauce that has a picture of a rooster on it.
  13. Baker shutting us down on Tuesday

    Nope I asked because I wouldn’t be surprised if they snuck something in somewhere quietly that I could have missed. Either way it wouldn’t stop me but nice to know what risks one is taking. I recall weapons being seized in Louisiana during the hurricane. So I think it is a valid question...
  14. Baker shutting us down on Tuesday

    Sorry if this is been covered but does anyone know if any edicts or emergency declarations come about that would impact the lawfulness of CCW?
  15. For Those of US that are ESSENTIAL and NOT working from home

    Our company is deemed “essential” (food products) I am a mechanic for the delivery trucks so my work continues. I received a letter from the company which states that I’m an essential employee incase I get pulled over. Whilst many are out of work without pay I am grateful to still be...
  16. Got a call to borrow a gun

    I have one friend that’s I truly consider my brother just from another mother. He isn’t licensed yet but if called and asked well....
  17. Banning over 25 people?

    I have jury duty coming up. Wonder if that’s banned as well. Lol
  18. Baker State of Emergency

    Exactly. I’d like to know the same. My guess is $$$$&$
  19. Funny Picture and Video of the Day MEGATHREAD!!!

    I actually use that. It works just fine.
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