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  1. Very well spoken response on "gun free zone" and hostility from "Dems"

    Wow, a very well spoken message that needs to be heard!
  2. Indoor Steel Plate match @ Hopkinton Wed 2/28/2018 6 PM

    Guilty as charged! I have a feeling #8 is somehow going to haunt me even after returning it.
  3. Indoor Steel Plate match @ Hopkinton Wed 2/28/2018 6 PM

    Okay, that was fun! First time doing something like this and it won’t be the last for me. Oh, advice for first timers......don’t keep the chip!
  4. Assault Weapons Poll Feb 15th

    Vote No
  5. Newest Game worse than tide challenge

    If I laugh, it’s only because stupid hurts if you don’t. I learned long ago not to ask what’s next.
  6. Ever wanted to try USPSA (2018 edition)

    Thanks for posting this info, I’ve registered. Does payment have to be mailed if you are on the waitlist?
  7. Official 1911 Pic Thread...

    So many beautiful 1911s here, wow! Just received my first View:
  8. From a 1911, to a S&W Shield 9mm accuracy problems

    I wonder how many shields end up on the used market because new owners can’t hit with them.....I bought mine used. After taking mine (.40) to the range the first time and also shooting my friends stock 9mm, I came home and started researching how to improve the trigger. While the Apex came up, I...
  9. New Folks Check In and Say Hi #4

    Greetings NES, My name is Randy and I recently landed in Uxbridge, MA. I originally found the site while researching Mass Gun laws for my LTC last year, but joined at the recommendation of a friend and NES member. I moved back to New England after many years in FL, and grew up shooting in...
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