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  1. wanna be private army in georgia ???

    When I was a kid, we used to go to the 4th of July laser and fireworks show at Stone mountain. It was pretty cool.
  2. Cop loses two jobs for Snapchat pic with racial slur

    " Everyone who knows me knows I am not racist" = " Most of the guys I date are black guys" Whenever a white chick tosses around the "N" word, there is a pretty good chance she is banging a black guy. Well, back to work at Hooters for this one. Einstein.
  3. man pulls gun on individual not wearing a mask

    This is my local pharmacy. About 1.5 miles from my house, right in Bridgewater center. I was at that store the day before. My Doc gives me prescription strength Alleve ( naproxen) for my back, which is awesome by the way because with insurance only costs about 3 bucks for what you would pay 20...
  4. Cancer sucks!

    Sorry to hear macarry. My Dad died of pancreatic cancer when I was 12. Back then treatment was rough. It was pretty tough on my Mom and not an easy thing to watch. My Mom fought cancer for 20 years. It started as breast cancer, Then it was cancer of the esophagus. Which eventually lead to lung...
  5. They're baaaaaaaaaaack!

    Where is everyone from the last thread that was saying the balcony was a bad idea? OMG someone call those guys up there! They are gonna be trapped! Or maybe, the internet is chock full of guys who have never been in combat that can't resist acting like they know what they are talking about. IBTL
  6. Failure to communicate

    3rd leading cause of death in the US. Medical errors. Now you know why.
  7. Best Guns For Alien Invasion ???

    I gotta bitch here about the movie Signs. Guy owns a farm in the boonies, and doesn't even own a shotgun? Or a 22? OK - I will grant him this, but he had plenty of time to get his ass to the gun store and buy one. I mean, they were watching shit on TV for days. Then, the Aliens show up, naked...
  8. Most fireworks I've ever heard.

    It was boomin in the Bridgewaters last night. There is this one little neighborhood that all chipped in, rumor has it, and dropped a few thousand bucks. Uncomfirmed reports mentioned that one home owner is an assistant DA in Mass, and another home owner works at the Boston office of the FBI, so...
  9. Would you help the McCloske’s

    This. There may be a flare up, but 2 or 3 people with rifles, that know how to use them , can lay down an awful lot of "go away" in very short period of time.
  10. Would you help the McCloske’s

    I just don't know enough about them. For all I know they are awful people. Or maybe they are great people, but the 500 words or so that I have read about them hardly grants me enough knowledge to decide to defend or abandon them. In principle, I think all of us would want to do the right thing...
  11. Guide to gun rights in your Massachusetts town

    Sorry - I don't think they are bluffing. And I really don't have any advice about what to write, but maybe others will chime in with first hand knowledge. You wouldn't happen to be friendly with anyone on the local PD? Welcome to NES and Happy Independence Day. Best of luck.
  12. Things getting real in St. Louis - Armed Lawyer couple keeps BLM at bay

    And no one can argue that. However, their actions would have been much more palatable to the public in general if they had not exited their home. For thousands of years, the military advantages to holding the high ground have been recognized and every...
  13. Things getting real in St. Louis - Armed Lawyer couple keeps BLM at bay

    Sarge is right gentlemen. No ifs, ands, or buts. From both a tactical and practical stand point,. what they did was foolish. They should have taken an elevated position, with cover, and only made their presence known when absolutely necessary. I believe it was probably not illegal, but it was...
  14. Tactical Gear Thread: Lets see your Body Armor, BOB, Vests, Warbelts, IFAK Kits, etc.

    Black goes with everything and has a slimming effect.
  15. Calf cramps

    Just sleep in the tub? Depends and rubber sheets?
  16. Random call to the shop leads to.....

    Unless he used it to commit suicide or shoot mom or something. Maybe it has bad memories.

    Yeah- like I said in my first post, f*** em. They should be sold blanks for SDA. Do we still get to bang Wendy?

    I think what we are seeing is that for generations, many Americans have believed unequivocally what they had been taught growing up. That the .gov and police will protect them. As children, at a very young age, we were taught "Dial 911" and help is on the way. We were told if there was a...
  19. Nominations for worst TV commercials

    I used to laugh everytime I saw the " Summer's Eve disposable douche" commercials. " Mom, sometimes I just don't feel fresh?" " Well honey, you might try taking a bath every now and then." Skank. And wtf were they thinking with "hint of musk"? Who was the marketing genius that thought it was a...
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