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  1. New Ruger Wrangler

    :) I'm not the world's best photographer but here you go. The grips are a little thicker than the stock plastic ones and fit my hand better. When I had the grips off I put a couple drops of oil on the spring and pivots and it smoothed up the action a little.
  2. New Ruger Wrangler

    Now that I look it up looks like i paid $35 + $2 shipping. Seller PremiumGunGrips. They look nicer on the gun, the picture is a little flat. Ruger Wrangler Rosewood Gentleman Grips for .22 models NEW 19 / 2020 I got the holster from Big Texas Leatherworks, looks like they are not selling...
  3. New Ruger Wrangler

    I got mine for $200 at Pete's in Adams a few months ago. Spent about another $25 on rosewood grips and $30 for a holster, both off Etsy. I like the gun a lot but it doesn't seem particularly accurate, maybe its just not broken in yet.
  4. Non-Cruiser motorcycle riders?

    I'm on a versys 300 which is a good size to toss around the corners. On a big bike you probably never get past 2nd gear i suppose. Yeah, 116 is a nice ride, they've fixed most of the really chewed up parts. The pavement is in really good shape now pretty much all the way. Only thing to bear in...
  5. Non-Cruiser motorcycle riders?

    For anyone looking for a good curvy bike road, the roads to the summit of Mt Greylock (Rockwell from Lanesboro and Notch from North Adams) opened this past weekend. They are practically deserted on weekdays this time of year. And its usually nice & cool up there. If you're looking for dirt...
  6. Bill H.2095 An Act to close the large capacity magazine loophole

    I just remembered about this bill and had the same thought you had. I think the session ends around the end of July. Wondering if its time to start contacting ways & means members?
  7. Damn mice

    I got some photos, I'll see if I can track them down. It was fascinating to watch it hunt. Very patient, it retracted its neck and then its head shot forward and snagged the chipmunk.
  8. Damn mice

    I had a great blue heron hanging around the house last fall that was the best chipmunk eradicator ever. Watched him catch one and swallow it whole! Hope he comes back soon and takes care of this year's crop.
  9. Western Mass - Get Your Snow Blowers and Shovels Back Out!

    We got 2-3" in north berkshire Weds night. It all melted away by around 3
  10. Jamaica: Chinese businessman robbed of 14 Million even took his H&K

    $14 million JA is only worth about $100k US. Read an article about the latest Better Call Saul episode. $7 million US in $100 bills weighs 150lb & fits in 2 duffel bags 'Better Call Saul' Director Vince Gilligan Shares Car-Flipping, Urine-Drinking 'Bagman' Details
  11. COVID motorcycle ride

    Went on a nice one Saturday, not a very long ride but it was warm enough on the backroads. Going to try to cut out of work an hour early tomorrow and get an hours ride in
  12. Where are people buying shotgun target loads these days?

    For all the people saying TS, I have checked occasionally and never see any trap/skeet loads available for 12ga
  13. Winchester .22 lr ammo Red box misfires

    I re-use the few plastic winchester boxes that I have for loose bulk ammo so its easy to count out 10 rounds, I've had bad luck with the ammo itself though, will never buy Win rimfire again
  14. Optic for SW22 Victory

    I put a utg rdm20 micro reflex green dot on mine, seems to work pretty well for my needs and was about $60
  15. Adams man killed with crossbow

    Some more info. The guy killed was the dog's owner. Lucky the dogs didn't get the daughter first. Victim Identified In Adams Crossbow Death Amid Dog Mauling Sounds like a real stand up guy. Involved in an drug-related armed home invasion & robbery on the MCLA campus in 2011 Former Becket...
  16. J Frame grips

    I like the Desantis clip grip, the clip fits in every holster I have and doesn't really add any thickness on IWB. I find I get a better position of my finger on the trigger because of the way the protrusion of the clip. Its a hard plastic but the knurling is pretty good.
  17. Pump action 12 gauge for pheasant?...

    I've used my only shotgun, a 12ga Rem 870 with vent rib 26", for all the pheasant hunting I've done and killed most birds I've shot at. I just leave the modified choke in although I have other chokes, seems to work the best for me. A little ungainly and heavy, I don't care what the other guys...
  18. new to Smartphones".....what GPS app to install ?

    Everything else in AA works fine, including Google Maps. Its just Waze that has the issue. I tried turning AA back to the old version and still has issues which makes me believe for now its limited to Waze in AA (Waze works fine on phone)
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