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  1. And now a little JAMES BOND

    Hope you don't have a third nipple. Or a real little guy as a best friend lol.
  2. "All lawful purposes", automatic denial of ltc renewal

    I was told the same thing. So I wrote " I want to protect myself, my loved ones, and my things from anyone meaning to do us harm. Anywhere and at any time. In a lawful manner" It worked. Good Luck!
  3. Term: broke in the barrel correctly?

    This is the method someone much older snd smarter than I told me to do. I never do it with small arms, only rifles. Probably does nothing but use more cleaning solvent and patches (Maybe the theory was started by CLP??) But it's kind of like having a good luck charm. I'm gonna keep doing...
  4. New toy sig p320 tacops

    That's really nice. Never shot with suppression height sites. How far off is at say 15 yards???? Just curious. But I don't know why but I really want a 320C now. Wanted a 229 forever, but it's been replaced by my desire for a 320C and never even handled one. Must be some good advertising...
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