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  1. Primary Arms Red Dot Sight Questions (Aimpoint Clone)

    I'm using their newest Aimpoint Micro clone and friggin' love it. 5 year battery life and seems fairly rugged, it has been dropped on concrete a few times and had hundreds of rounds through the rifle with no loss of zero. If I had my choice between it and an Aimpoint to bet my life on, obviously...
  2. SEAL Team 6 records hacked

    My understanding is this nowhere near the worst of it. Pretty much anyone that has applied for federal jobs had their info pinched on this one.. including covert ops, etc. This is probably the worst hack we have had, and oddly enough the press has not really seemed to express the magnitude of it.
  3. Aimoint PRO

    Since some knock-offs came into the thread.. I picked up one of these since I could not justify the metric-shitton that an Aimpoint Micro costs for a secondary rifle: Loving it so far.. clear, holds zero...
  4. Aimoint PRO

    I've had both.. liked both very much, but ended up settling on the Aimpoint Pro. For me, having the thing always work outweighed the nicer reticle of the eotech.
  5. SHTF reading

    Just ran across this book, very good read so far. NOT a SHTF book, more about what the long-term strategy has to be afterwards and how to make use of what is leftover.
  6. NV for REAL Amateur Operators

    Read the reviews at the bottom! [rofl]
  7. Ferguson riots Megathread - Please don't start any more

    If they wanted to do that, they would just let the T run as normal. [wink]
  8. Ferguson riots Megathread - Please don't start any more

    Scanner feed is BUSY.. Calling for help from the staties, arrests being made.. "We have to get these people off the highway before someone gets killed!"
  9. Ten Reasons Why I Am No Longer a Leftist

    Amazing read, thanks for posting this. Reps inbound.
  10. 2014 Election results

    Good to see that the moonbats's clever plot of trying to turn a loser into a winner failed. Let's hope that the GOP will figure out that it is a bad strategy before the moonbats do!
  11. NH: live free or die? I don't think so....

    THAT.You want to know why I wrote edmorsiii in? THAT. Some of you don't understand. There are a lot of voters across the country and especially in NH that are fed up with having to eat the moister of the two shit sandwiches we are fed. The GOP here is acting like the fat girl at prom that will...
  12. Berkey Water Filters

    Has anyone tried these filters as opposed to the black ones?
  13. Report: North Korea shock. Something big is happening

    Looks like he's back.. [sad]
  14. Hydroponics anyone?

    Wow.. what a blast from the past. Rep points for bringing this one back from the dead. Sadly, I have not had time to try this anymore. This does bring back two questions that I'd like to ask:1: Has anyone tried LED lights? HPS lighting seems like it is VERY costly, and would end up costing more...
  15. [email protected]*king Cats!!!!!! - - - Updated - - -
  16. [email protected]*king Cats!!!!!!

    Maybe a motion sensor with an audio of a dog barking?
  17. International Swastika Rehabilitation Week

    Sounds like something out of "Clerks 2"...
  18. Tornado Warning Massachusetts July 7, 2014

    I wonder if Flintoid will threaten to sell all of his guns if one touches down again.... [wink]
  19. NES Barbecue Thread. NES BBQ

    This thread is full of win. Any good dry rub recipes anyone would like to share?
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