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  1. I know this is pipe-dreaming but...

    Putting your condescending tone aside; you're missing the point. The ideal response here is not to put these rules in place but to get the government to remove them once they are forced to play on the same level. The mention of both 2a and Posse Comitatus in this proposition is not...
  2. I know this is pipe-dreaming but...

    what can I say; I guess I'm a dreamer. With the current tensions regarding police in this country; this has a far greater chance of passing and by doing so will protect our gun rights by putting LE on our side. Also I know some of the things listed are not currently illegal but all of them...
  3. AR-10 project. If you have a lower you can still finnish it?

    My understanding is that this new “copies” thing refers to explicitly mentioned firearms; of which the AR10 is NOT one of them. That being said, I'm no lawyer.
  4. The most unreliable gun you've shot

    Remington Viper
  5. Snapsafe review / rant

    I never said I was entitled to an apology. I do however have the right to not do business with somebody who wouldn't offer one. For the record, had he apologized, he just might have saved the sale. Good customer service is about knowing that usually complaints are opportunities. If a...
  6. Snapsafe review / rant

    I'm a customer exercising my right to shop where I choose. I don't have to.
  7. Snapsafe review / rant

    I can get long winded sometimes so I'll try to keep this short. I was looking for a new safe. I start calling companies for info. I didn't get through to all of them because I was calling pretty late in the day. No problem. I'll talk to them tomorrow. An important thing to note is...
  8. Article: et tu James

    Am I misinterpreting something here? He seems to be pointing to NES merely as a place to find the comment. I don't believe he's assigning blame on NES. NES can't be considered at fault for something a member posts. That's like saying “Some jerk at work said I was lazy”. It's just context...
  9. Prisoner escapes from Salem court I was wondering why there were 3 choppers in the air around salem.
  10. Nicole's AR Build + Wicked Cool Duracoating

    Good job!! Looks great!!
  11. Globe disparages NES about photos

    We've had more then our share of bullies. One even has his own fan club.
  12. Wilmington MA

    The card says they'll be issuing Utah CCW's at the show. Can anybody who goes tell me some details about that. How much, how long and anything important to bring/know? Edit to add: Just found the price but if anybody could pass on the other info, that would be cool. Per this web site...
  13. .50 Beowulf or .458 Socom AR

    458 socom takes standard unmodified AR magazines. The others require modifications. So if you already have a pile of AR mags, you won't need to buy more or modify them. [shocked][shocked][shocked] Must try!!!
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