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  1. Ruger 10/22 owners.

    Hi, I picked up a Ruger 10/22 last week, my first .22. One of the cleaning videos I watched on Youtube mentioned a jig that Brownells sells to drill a hole in the back of the receiver to allow you to use a cleaning rod from the breech side. I just used my .22 bore snake. I would like to be able...
  2. What is the event at Springfield Sportsmans club this a.m.? 11-15-15

    Mornin, just tried to go to the pistol ranges at Springfield Sportsmans Club in Monson this morning, and it was packed. Came home to check the website and it had something called I-core (?) listed on the events page for pistol. What is that? People were setting up lattice panels and stuff. Is it...
  3. Glock: The Rise of America's Gun

    I picked it up a couple weeks ago through one of those bargain e-book e-mails I get (bookbub or e-reader) for less than 2 bucks. I'm probably a little more than halfway through it and I think it's a great read. A great look at the firearm business with great insider sources. Viva la Gold Club!
  4. The Apex difference.

    Picked up a M&P 9mm back in August as my first pistol. Probably put like 1000 rounds through it since then. I knew about the "Mass compliant": trigger, and I read enough everywhere that dropping in an Apex kit was the way to go. But, I'm stubborn. I felt that with enough practice I could be...
  5. Western Mass./ Springfield area gunsmiths. Apex install M&P?

    Cool, thank everyone for the replies. Anyplace west of the river is out of the question till the Big E is over! LOL! I can wait a little longer!
  6. Western Mass./ Springfield area gunsmiths. Apex install M&P?

    Been thinking about an Apex trigger and night sights on my M&P 9. Anyone know who in this area does these? I did find "Swift River gunworks" , but haven't contacted yet. Preferably on the east side of the CT river. (I'm in Monson). Thanks. I tried searching the site before I posted this, but...
  7. Guitar Thread? Guitar Thread

    I don't know if I would call them "just" blues strings, but I swear by Ernie Ball Power Slinky Purple's. I have a thing for slightly heavier strings and these are (low E to high) .48, .38, .28, .18, .14 and .11. Great big bottom end with lots of ring and bend up high.
  8. Sportsman's Guide

    The last stuff I ordered from them were a couple hoodies, and some shorts. They were the "Guidegear" stuff. First washing the shorts turned into speedo's, and the hoodies shrunk and the seams started to let go not long after. I wanted to write reviews on this junk to warn other people and I...
  9. New Folks Check In and Say Hi #4

    Hi! Found you guys while looking up the process of getting my LTC here in MA. a few months ago. Had so much great info I decided to join. Had not fired anything since Navy bootcamp 35 years ago, and was lucky enough to have the guy who taught our LTC class bring a BUNCH of stuff out to the...
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