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  1. US Supreme Court OT 2019

    It's seems worse than a punt. It's a kick in the gut. Are there any more 2A cases in the USSC pipeline?
  2. Black guy found hanging from tree in Palmdale City, California

    The advertisement placement just below the article suggests suicide. Although it may be algorithmic based on the word "hanging"
  3. Gun Club closure megathread

    I contributed at around 11am.
  4. Glaucoma?

    The high intra-cranial pressures of pseudo tumor cerebri don't transmit pressure to the eye. But pseudo tumor can result in a different time of optic nerve damage.
  5. Glaucoma?

    It's not time to panic, but do keep up with your follow-ups and testing. Most people with high eye pressures/ocular hypertension don't have glaucoma (the blue area on the diagram.) Even if it is really glaucoma it is eminently treatable. BUT vision lost to glaucoma is gone forever.
  6. 74-76 MPH

    Please stay in the right lanes
  7. Are any Notaries Public near Worcester operating now?

    My local Bank of America is offering notary public services.
  8. Corona Virus Local SITREP Thread

    Apparently shop towel masks filter particles as small as 0.3 micron. 2 layer of shop towels added to cotton masks.
  9. P365 holster

    I've tried a few and landed on Clover Leather Co IWB.
  10. Popup ad?

    Thank you. Much better.
  11. Popup ad?

    GD it. Intensely annoying infolinks ads on desktop too.
  12. Shooting with progressive glasses

    You could try something like these. Ask your eye doctor to have the top part focused at your front sight. Although I've never seen anyone wearing these at my shooting range.
  13. Thank you clients and friends.

  14. NES-Themed Selector Switch Markings

    Not guilty/ Upper decker/Won't be down but epstein is good too
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