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  1. AG Maura Healey taking questions. What to ask?

    Ask when the police will be changing from carrying "weapons of war" to weapons appropriate for personal defense which are compliant with the AWB and magazine laws.
  2. '17 NH Constitutional Carry, SB12 is law & U can carry if U can own, including MA res Governor's twitter announcement.
  3. Maryland takes a pi** on the 2A

    Hopefully SCOTUS thinks higher of the second than this court.
  4. Lost my baby girl on Sunday

    As a new father I can't even imagine. I'm so sorry.
  5. Repeal the NFA petition has 88,339/100,000 signatures

    Maybe I'm wrong, but doesn't ditching the NFA wipe out hughes as well?
  6. '17 NH Constitutional Carry, SB12 is law & U can carry if U can own, including MA res

    I find it funny that right after the police say they aren't opposing it, a MDA person comes up and uses the "police can't do their jobs with armed civilians".
  7. AK mag problem

    Tapco mags work fine, that's all I use in my AK74 because they are cheap. Sometimes they need a little filing to fit, but if you don't want to do that just insert them and pull them out a few times. The only real problem I've had is they sometimes let me load 31 rounds and won't lock in. Other...
  8. Trump's Tell us your story website I wrote up a letter detailing what I hope to see from his administration. Including repealing Hughes and appointing conservative justices who will uphold civil liberties in the United States.
  9. Ak74

    Doubtful, sanctions are still in place and 7N6 isn't available unless the new president changes some things. I have a DDI AK74 it's a nice rifle. Much easier to find 7.62x39 Surplus mags and ammo. Not sure I would recommend going a 74 at this point. I'd stick to the 7.62 variety and keep an...
  10. New Jersey again

    Problem, they move somewhere cheaper where less rules exist to bug them. Then they start changing things to the way they worked where they last lived. Sent from my VS985 4G using Tapatalk
  11. Concord NH Democrats

    Apparently 10 NH Democrats say in solidarity with the federal ones in DC. No one wants "weapons of war" on our streets. Also Governor Hassan stopped in to support them, but didn't participate herself. Is there any possibility this will throw in NH or are these guys just out there? Sent from...
  12. What was your first?

    First: Ruger MkIII 22/45 Second: Yugo M57
  13. 7.5x35 "Super Tokarev"

    I'd like someone to make a modern pistol around the 7.62 tokarev round. SA/DA trigger, decocker/real safety, and double-stack mag.
  14. Fun 7.62x39 Rifle?

    AK, It can do what the SKS can and accept common magazines you can find anywhere.
  15. NPR: Armed America

    I listen to NPR all the time. I cringe at both their technology and firearms stories. They tend to not know much about what they are talking about, and tend to mix opinion in as well.
  16. Kickboxer Death

    Going from that video to a linked one on the fate of pro-wrestlers was kinda crazy. It's amazing the number of those guys who dropped dead due to heart problems in their 30's and 40's. It seems to me like there should be more than one ring side doctor to give an on site second opinion.
  17. who's running Tapco G2 trigs ?

    I've switched over to the ALG ATK. I prefer it greatly over the G2.
  18. Century Arms AK lawsuit

    I would go with a WASR. I've shot one, and then realized the only reason my Arsenal was worth so much was the folding stock.
  19. Whats in your range bag

    Eyes, Ears, Chamber flags and a Tourniquet in my range bag. Regular First Aid kit in the car.
  20. BREAKING: Federal Judge Rules AR-15′s Are “Dangerous and Unusual,” Not Protected by 2

    So is there a good chance that the en-banc will basically say the lower court did fine, now be quiet and go about your business? Is this all really just pre-game until it gets to the Supreme Court?
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