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  1. WTS Sig Sauer Web Store Discount Codes

    Location : Metrowest Description : Up for sale are some Sig Sauer discount codes that can be used on Sig's online store. I am selling these at a 25% discount ($200 code for $150). If you already have a purchase in mind this is basically free money. I can do $100 codes as well for $75. Please...
  2. WTS 2017 Kawasaki Z900 ABS

    Location : Metro West Description : 2017 Z900 ABS with fewer than 2000 miles on the odometer. Runs flawlessly and is an absolute blast! Upgrades include: - R&G Racing Kickstand Shoe for added stability - Vagabond Motorsports Fender Eliminator Kit - Akrapovic Slip-On Titanium exhaust (sounds...
  3. New Aquisitions November 2018

    Spotted in the wild.......
  4. Free Association

    Rope a dope
  5. New Acquisitions for October, 2016

    Snagged a Performance Center 1911 on the cheap. Definitely needed some TLC (I'm not sure it had ever been cleaned), but after a detail strip and some elbow grease it's looking pretty sweet. JMBxxxx s/n
  6. Ruger Mark IV

    It sure took long enough, but Ruger finally addressed the overly complicated field strip. I'll admit it never bothered me all that much, but this is pretty slick. Go to 4:45 for the good part.
  7. Free Association

  8. Healey "closing the loophole" letter to gun dealers

    Well, based on the contention that ALL of the guns were illegal even before today and that the law was simply improperly enforced, I'm thinking that's a no-go.
  9. Healey "closing the loophole" letter to gun dealers

    The new "interpretation" specifically mentions receiver interchangeability, so anything you built with a stripped lower would be in the same group. Unfortunately they're not wrong. [angry]
  10. My son wants to vote for Bernie!

    My oldest (9) is a big fan of Jeb and if you ask him why, he simply responds "....because he has a plan to take out ISIS with overwhelming force!". Cracks me up.
  11. Appeals Court Remands Decision for ‘Strict Scrutiny’ of Second Amendment

    If this holds up under appeal it could be big (assuming MA seriously starts recognizing legal precedent).
  12. Song title association! Update in op.

    Girl The Beatles
  13. Lena Miculek to SIG

    This. How else could you possibly explain someone like Jessie Abbate (Duff) switching from Glock to Taurus?
  14. To hell with hand guards!

    I picked up an ALG Defense M-Lok handguard from Primary Arms for right around $100. Solidly built, very lightweight, and even came with a proprietary barrel nut wrench for installation.
  15. Muslim humor...

    You're not kidding. My dad always used to say the skirts in Tehran were shorter than in Paris (in the early 70's).
  16. Song title association! Update in op.

    Ain't No Sunshine Bill Withers
  17. Song title association! Update in op.

    Living For the City Stevie Wonder
  18. Song title association! Update in op.

    Crash Course in Brain Surgery Budgie (& Metallica)
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