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  1. Ma**h*** mysteries

    FIFY Also, don't forget your rubbiz when ya go out in da rain.
  2. Wayfair Beware

    Wayfair is a major sponsor / partner with HGTV, the designated religion of legions of white suburban women.
  3. Seattle Police "finally" disperse CHOP!

    +1 for the Blazing Saddles reference.
  4. Presidential Prediction

    He thinks he's running for US Senate. At least he got the country right. View:
  5. Corona Virus Local SITREP Thread

    Maybe never to return, unfortunately.
  6. Seattle Police "finally" disperse CHOP!

    It's already been replaced by the New York City version...
  7. Presidential Prediction

    Don't think they are not capable of it, look what happened to Scalia. o_O
  8. Things getting real in St. Louis - Armed Lawyer couple keeps BLM at bay

    All you "peaceful mob" guys give me a laugh. The mob was peaceful cause they didn't want to get plugged. [laugh]
  9. Next group to go in the new society....Catholics

    Just fill your hollow points with bacon fat, easy!
  10. Rhode Island considers name change

    That's what the "AND" is for -- Rhode Island (the "island" part) AND Providence Plantations (the "mainland" part). Capiche? Also see my forum location for more detailsl
  11. Rhode Island considers name change

    Yes, exactly. In the Colonial era, Aquidneck Island was identified as Rhode Island, and the settlement that Roger Williams established in Providence was called Providence Plantation. And as was pointed out, the use of plantation pre-dated slavery in the Providence settlement, and simply referred...
  12. Trouble with trailer 7 pin to the all knowing NES

    Wiring diagrams here. Note that the color codes can vary but the functions are the same. Most common is the "RV" style.
  13. Chick-Fil-A, the Dick's Sporting Goods of the fast food world.

    Well, if the guy is paying for the shoe shine, I'm all for it.
  14. Atlanta cops walk out?

    dupe a couple times over
  15. Atlanta Police Walking Out

    APD is denying the reports of a walkout
  16. Atlanta Police Fatally Shoot Black Man in the Back at Wendy's Drive-Thru

    APD is denying the reports of a walkout.
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