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  1. MA: Identifying Pre-Ban Glock Mags

    I did some research on Walther P99 (german made) with their hi-caps. Walther actually started shipping hi-caps to the USA before the first ban .. even before they shipped the actual guns themselves in order to beat the ban. Those crafty Germans!! lol..
  2. Anyone see the Stealth Bomber?

    A plane that you can shoot off half of and still remains in the air needs to be kept around :)
  3. Keyless Automotive System Problems

    I also used to have Jeep CJ that needed no key at all to start up and drive away. Lucky nobody ever jumped in and tried it.
  4. Keyless Automotive System Problems

    I have that in my VW Atlas but you can disable it..
  5. Funny Picture and Video of the Day MEGATHREAD!!!

    I like to original better tbh
  6. Anyone see the Stealth Bomber?

    The cool thing about those bombers is you dont hear them until they are right overhead and going away.
  7. Negative contact with foreign officials

    Got stopped going in to the airport in Istanbul. Guys with machine guns hassled my driver who spoke the language (thank god) - looked at my passport for 10 minutes and let us go on our way...
  8. Blonde Groundhog?

    Yeah .. but how do you get them to eat it? :p
  9. Blonde Groundhog?

    glad i got my new bore sight
  10. Blonde Groundhog?

    Wow - one of these showed up today in our yard. We have a grey one too. I thought they were territorial. I didnt want to start putting them down .. but now Im scared of being over run..
  11. N-PAP problems

    I have an N-PAP that was doing great until it just starting mis-feeding everything. Can anyone suggest a smith that can troubleshoot this for me? Im near bellingham MA. Thx.
  12. Calf cramps

    I thought there wasnt quinine in it anymore ??
  13. Calf cramps

    of course it does .. it the main ingredient in Milk of Magnesia
  14. Calf cramps

    And compared to dried apricots .. avocado comes in far behind in 2nd place..
  15. Rhode Island considers name change

    the hell you say?
  16. Pulled bear

    Cheeseburgers - My favorite
  17. Cannonball Coast-To-Coast Record Broken By This Long-Range E63 AMG

    It was between Albany (Amsterdam stretch if I recall) and Rochester .. but only for a short time before my a-hole puckered up and I let off the gas..
  18. Cannonball Coast-To-Coast Record Broken By This Long-Range E63 AMG

    I did 160 a long time ago in a borrowed Ferrari Testarossa and it was scary as sh*t - never again. Never again. Those speeds are not meant for the NY state thruway..
  19. Cannonball Coast-To-Coast Record Broken By This Long-Range E63 AMG

    I made it from Bellingham MA to Charlestown once in an hour!
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