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  1. First Defense Shotgun Recommendations

    If buying new, Mossberg. However, there are Winchester 1200s and 1300s around, and this is the smoothest pump I've ever encountered. And unlike the 870, it won't try to amputate your thumb when loading the tube.
  2. Need Federal Firearms Laws Expert attorney recommendation (unrelated to MA laws)

    I have recommended Keith Langer (formerly a/k/a Scrivener) to several folks, one of whom had federal issues. Everyone to whom I referred him later reported quite pleased.
  3. NH non res

    There is another reason for acquiring a NR despite "constitutional carry." Federal law makes it a crime 5o carry a firearm within 1,000 feet of a school. There is an exemption if one has a pistol permit issued by the state you're in.
  4. Anyone reload 7.62x39?

    Ditto. I have a supply of PPU brass from factory ammo, plus a small supply of Winchester unprimed brass I found somewhere a while ago -- maybe Cabela's.
  5. What would you do ??

    As others have said, it depends entirely on your objectives. If you are a collector who might someday sell for best return, leave it as is. If it is a shooter you'll keep forever, like things new and shiny, and can afford a full restoration, go for it. I have a similar '06 Win pump, in...
  6. God Damned Rats

    I remember going with my father some Saturday mornings to make our contribution to the rat population control at the dump. Reduced glass bottles to more manageable sized fragments, too.
  7. Connecticut non resident ccw?

    Say what you like about Connecticut (on guns or any other subject), their permit handling process is terrific. I did my latest renewal in person in DPS HQ in Middletown. Whole thing took about 15 minutes: no prints, they took photo, and handed me the new permit in about 5 minutes after the...
  8. Gun safe deal at BJ's

    Lest anyone think I've overstated the vulnerability of cheap lock cores, take a look: View:
  9. Wet Lands vs Large Puddles ?

    If rainwater is collecting in a surface pond, that means that your surface layer of soil is relatively impermeable to water. Sometimes merely digging a hole deep enough to penetrate the impermeable surface layer will allow the surface water to drain into more permeable deeper layers. Sort of...
  10. Gun safe deal at BJ's

    A dime to a dollar says I can pick your keyed backup access in under a minute. And I am not a skilled lock picker. The keyed access, necessary for electronic locks, is a weakness, not a strength.
  11. Gun safe deal at BJ's

    There are, in my opinion, two reason to avoid electronic locks. One has to do with the vulnerability of most to a simple magnetic bypass. The other involves the necessity of a keyed secondary means of access, most of which easily zipped, raked or picked. My third reason (yes, I know I said...
  12. Gun safe deal at BJ's

    Do not buy any safe with an electronic lock. If you want to know why, take a look at Lock picking Lawyer on You-Tube. A real safe is something you buy once. If you go for the lowest price, you'll end up buying something real later. My advice is to buy from a place in the safe business, not a...
  13. Help for my Ruger Gunsite Scout Rifle

    Spoke with a fellow who knows these rifles (but isn't a NESer), who says: Reply the following: The end of the rear trigger guard screw should be visible in that hole. I suggest you make sure that your rear trigger guard screw is fully tightened. You can attach either the image I've attached or...
  14. Advice for picking a Stack-on double sided wafer lock?

    Two-sided key does not necessarily mean two sets of wafers, particularly if the keyway is such that the key can be inserted either way up. You don't need special tools. Use bottom of the keyway tension with a wiper insert or equivalent, light tension, and try zipping it with a standard hook...
  15. Florida non-resident CCW

    If you intend on carrying in Florida, pay close attention to the Florida laws that you certified having become familiar with. Among other things, Florida is harsh about open carrying or inadvertantly display.
  16. Has RI gone full Iron Curtain?

    The RI orders, extreme as they may be where they apply, do not apply to people who aren't staying in RI.
  17. Red Dot Recommendation

    Another vote -- two, actually -- for the Vortex Ve
  18. POLL: "Should G.O.A.L. hold a Civil Disobedience Rally on Beacon Hill April 19th?

    When you're in a fight, doesn't help to give the opposition ammunition.
  19. POLL: "Should G.O.A.L. hold a Civil Disobedience Rally on Beacon Hill April 19th?

    When you're in a fight, doesn't help to give the opposition ammunition.
  20. New Massachusetts decision on prohibited person status

    I don't get the dump on the Westfield COP. My read is that he did what he could to help the guy.
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